DIY Sand and Water Table from 2x4s
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10 DIY Projects You Can Build with 2x4s

In this post, you’ll find 10 amazing projects that you can make using 2x4s.

Ever wondered what you can build with 2x4s? 

2x4s are a cheap wood, and you can build a lot of simple things with them quite easily.

We’ve used 2x4s for tons of projects including garage shelving towers, workbenches, and most recently a sand and water table for our kids.

Today I’m sharing 10 DIY projects that you can make with 2x4s. Each project is a full how-to tutorial so you can make these too!

10 DIY Projects You Can Build with 2x4s

From picnic tables to curtain rod shelves to outdoor tables, check out these amazing DIY projects made from 2x4s. Not only are they creative but they are cost-effective too! Each project is linked to the how-to tutorial with all the details on how they used these 2x4s.

Such creative ideas, right?!

So get on your way to Home Depot, grab some 2x4s, and start building!

You’ll save money, and create something pretty cool with construction lumber.

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