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20 Creative Things to Put in Easter Eggs

There’s something so fun about finding Easter eggs.

Whether it’s the joy of the hunt or the excitement received from collecting so many eggs, or the little treasures inside, Easter egg hunts are always such a special part of childhood.

This year things look a little different, and that’s okay!

We just have to be a little more creative with our Easter egg fillers this year.

With April coming up, my plan is to do an Easter egg hunt each day with items from the below list – filling the eggs up with something different each time. I’ll save the best one for Easter morning.

Colorful easter eggs and basket with creative filler and easter egg hunt ideas

If you’ve found yourself with a little extra time on your hands and a bunch of empty Easter eggs, here are some creative things to fill them with this year.

Jokes – Print off a list of jokes, cut them up, and place one in each egg.

Make this even more of an activity by having kids draw (or use stickers) smiley faces on their favorite jokes.

Or, involve adults too and do a vote for funniest joke.

Here’s a great list of Easter jokes.

Print out jokes and place them in your easter eggs as a fun Easter egg filler idea

Puzzle Pieces – Grab a puzzle (new or old), and put a puzzle piece in each egg.

Have the kids work together to do the puzzle.

If you don’t have a puzzle, no problem! Print a picture off the computer and cut it up.

Crafty Things – Have pom-poms? Foam shapes? Beads and string? Pipe cleaners?

Fill up the Easter eggs with these things and then have the kids make a craft with their findings.

Most creative craft wins!

Crafty things that you can put in Easter eggs - foam shapes, pom poms, etc.

Scavenger Hunt – Put clues for a scavenger hunt in each egg.

Be sure to number the eggs, so they are found in the right order!

Silly Drawings – Have everyone in the family make silly post-it drawings (stick figures, funny faces, etc).

Fold them up and put them in the eggs.

After the Easter egg hunt, have the family guess who draw each one.

Drawing on post-it notes to fill easter eggs with for a fun Easter idea

Lego – Grab some legos and put a few pieces in each egg.

After everyone collects their eggs, have them build something with just the legos they got.

(Or, if you can get a new lego set, you can definitely use this!)

Wiki Stix – or even play dough or kinetic sand!

Wiki stix are a great way for kids to be creative. Just fold these up and place them in the eggs.

Use play dough or kinetic sand too – have the kids make a creation with what they find.

Fill easter eggs with wiki sticks, kinetic sand, paints, or play dough

Balloons – Fill the eggs up with balloons, then blow them all up and have a balloon party!

Love Notes – Write sweet little notes to your kids or significant other.

Make them funny – “You’re looking egg-tra cute today!”

Finger Puppets – You can make these from felt – here’s a fun tutorial on making finger puppets.

Finger puppets made from felt and paper that you can put in Easter eggs

Alphabet letters – If you have the magnetic ones, that’s great! If not, you can even draw or print letters and fill the eggs up.

Have everyone create words with their letters.

Longest word wins! Or maybe silliest word wins!

Use cookie trays for the kids to use for magnetic letters.

Fill Easter eggs with alphabet letters (or make your own)

Words or Sayings – You can also put words in the Easter eggs and have the kids make sentences with the words.

You can use a catchphrase that they will know such as, “To infinity and beyond!” or “Do you want to build a snowman?”

Color code the sayings, so the kids know which ones go together. Make it fun and let the kids trade words to make their sayings.

Stickers – Kids love stickers!

This is an easy one – just grab a sheet of stickers and cut them up!

Placing stickers in Easter eggs for a fun thrifty Easter egg hunt

Pinecones, flowers, or rocks – Use mini pinecones, acorns, flowers, and little rocks (be sure they aren’t too small for little ones).

Then do a craft with them!

Make a little wreath or pinecone animals.

Silly Actions – Think of a Simon Says game, and write down silly actions for the kids to do.

Give someone bunny ears.

Take five hops forward.

Floss like a bunny would, etc. This can be fun for all ages!

Tiny Toys – Have fake bugs? Polly pockets? Tiny erasers? Tiny cars?

Think about tiny toys or other things you have that could be reused for an egg hunt!

Tiny toys that you can put in Easter eggs for fun thrifty Easter egg hunts

Uplifting quotes or Bible verses – Just print these out, fold them up, and place into the Easter eggs.

Money – be sure to clean this off, if you go this route

Poems or Song Lyrics – Cut up a poem or song lyrics and put each line in an Easter egg.

Then, have kids (or adults) put the lines in order.

Nothing! – If your kids are little, they just love finding the eggs! You don’t even need to put anything in them 🙂

Empty Easter egg hunts are just as fun!

More Easter Egg Filler Ideas

Search your house for other items!

Maybe you have cute bandaids?

Or glow in the dark stars? Foam stickers?

Maybe you want to draw silly faces on the eggs! Or place stickers (or write letters on the eggs and have kids match them up).

Whatever you find, the kids will love. You just have to get a little creative.

Draw on Easter eggs to make the activity more fun

Don’t have Easter Eggs?

Don’t have Easter eggs? Grab pinecones and paint them!

Little kids will love it!

Hiding Easter eggs in the house
Easter egg filler ideas that you can find around your house - hours of fun activities for kids!
Fill your Easter eggs with these creative things from around your hosue

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