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30+ Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Adults & Kids

Here’s 30 easy DIY Valentine’s day crafts for adults and kids! From gorgeous wreaths to adorable crafts, it’s all here!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and with it comes the opportunity to get crafty! DIY-ing opens up a host of possibilities. Not only do you save on purchases, but you also get to try your hand at making something personalized and special for your special someone. 

That’s why we’ve put together the best ever list of Valentine’s Day crafts and decorations. They’re guaranteed to leave you wanting more, and if you happen to make enough you might even get a few people interested in buying some off you!

decorations for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Decor 

We love celebrating every occasion with themed decor, and take every opportunity to come up with new ideas. These easy Valentine crafts are a fabulous way to get started on your Valentine’s week, and we’re certain that you will enjoy creating them as much as we do!

Adorable Valentine’s Day Tree 

Valentine's Day Tree

Maria from Simple Nature Decor shows us how to make this amazing Valentine’s Tree decor using a combination of slender white branches and pink heart leaves. Incredibly cute, perfect for the day of love and extremely low on effort, you’ll have this Valentine’s Day craft ready in no time. 

Mason Jar Lantern

Valentine's Day Mason Craft Jar

This intricate and super-fun DIY uses pre-existing art supplies like chalk and mason jars to create a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s lantern. The Farmgirl Gabs provides a detailed guide on the materials and the process involved in making these beautiful decor pieces. 

Place a tealight candle inside and create the perfect cozy ambiance for your Valentine’s Day. It’s a Valentine’s Day craft worth making and even selling! 

Dollar Tree Candle Craft

Valentine candle craft

We love a quick DIY that’s also inexpensive, and this Dollar Tree Valentine craft is just that! It’s an effortless gift that your loved one will absolutely adore. A set of these would also make great Valentine’s Day party favors.

An added bonus? The candles are flameless, making it safe for your little ones to join in on the fun too! 

Cupid’s Arrow Decor

This Valentine’s Day, Cupid will be busy shooting arrows, which makes it the perfect time to introduce you to the perfect DIY to bring that feeling to life! This modern Cupid’s Arrow, fashioned from simple twigs, is an elegant and subtle Valentine’s Day-themed centerpiece for your home. 

DIY Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Decor Craft

Thrifty Jinxy uses a classic white and gold mix, but you can customize yours as you please. 

Felt Heart Sachets

We can’t wait to try these Felt Heart Sachets for our Valentine’s festivities this year. They’re stuffed with lavender-scented fiberfill, and they add a fresh look (and smell) to your house. Plus, they’re just adorable to have around on any ordinary day, too!

Felt Heart Valentine Sachets

2 Bees in a Pod provides a step-by-step guide on how to make your own sachets with dainty little roses on top. We just can’t get over how cute they are!  

Wall Art

Nothing says “I love you” better than personalized wall art and frames that make the room stand out!

Check out our favorite wall art picks that offer a variety of possibilities to get creative.

Flamingo Love Wall Art 

Crochet your way into your loved one’s heart with this Flamingo Love Crochet applique by Golden Lucy Crafts. No one can resist tiny flamingos with heart centers and cute red button hearts! 

Flamingo Love Crochet Wall Art

You can also choose to make and sell them as a fun activity for the whole family. It’s great fun for the kids because of how simple they are to make!

Nature Hearts

Making the stunning nature heart collage by Craft Invaders is an amazing activity for the entire family! Your kids will love it because it’s fun and creative and you’ll appreciate that it’s educational as well. 

Valentine's Day Nature Sign DIY

Spend an afternoon collecting all your tiny findings – wildflowers, twigs and leaves, and assemble them into this rare display of nature’s finest. Hang it on a wall, or showcase it above your mantelpiece. It’s ideal for all seasons and totally customizable!

Love Sign

Inexpensive and easy, this Dollar Tree Valentine’s Craft just comes alive with the tiniest bit of effort. 

DIY Valentine's Day Love Sign

Michelle from Our Crafty Mom suggests some great ways to decorate this Love Sign with heart accents and a touch of glitter.

We love how well it really highlights the spirit of Valentine’s Day. It’s a DIY that we can’t recommend enough! 


Who says wreaths are just for the winter? We’ve got a list of beautiful, breathtaking yet effortless Valentine’s wreaths that will usher the spirit of Valentine’s right into your hearts and homes. 

Pinecone Wreath 

Simple Nature Decor gives us this minimalist pinecone wreath that makes us feel all warm and gooey just at the sight of it!

DIY Pinecone Wreath

The perfect transition from winter to spring, the low-cost wreath is a complete Valentine’s day winner. All it takes is a little gluing and stacking, and you’ll have your charming Valentine’s display-ready in no time. 

Red Burlap Wreath

Amp up your Valentine’s Day Crafts with this creative Red Burlap Wreath! The white plaque offers a refreshing change that pairs exceptionally well with the rich red burlap. 

Valentine's Day Burlap Wreath

Adding just the right amount of a fancy touch to Valentine’s Day, this heart-shaped DIY is a classic that can be brought out every year. 

Gnome Wreath

Our Crafty Mom’s repurposed Purex bottle gnome steals the show in this DIY Gnome Wreath! This inexpensive and adorable Valentine’s ornament makes a unique gift for your loved ones and takes just a few supplies and an hour’s worth of time to make.

With pink fur and the cutest button nose, this DIY will make Valentine’s Day even more special!

Felt Wreath

We’re amazed at how effortless this Red Felt Wreath is. All it takes is some felt and a foam wreath, and within minutes, you will have your very own wreath to adorn your home with! 

DIY Valentine's Day Felt Wreath

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” better than a classy, bright red crafts project made with love.

Clothespin Wreath

The beautiful and simple multipurpose clothespin wreath will be sure to impress and make your Valentine’s Day extra festive! We love this project because it is uncomplicated to make and looks great. 

DIY Valentine's Day Clothespin Wreath

Just choose a Valentine-themed washi tape that appeals to you, and begin your DIY right away. Add extra elements, or leave it as is; we adore both! You can hang it on any wall and use it to hold notes or heartfelt words for your family and loved ones. 

Mini Wreaths 

Looking for some easy, cheap, and adorable Valentine’s Day Crafts? Check out these DIY mini wreaths from DIY With My Guy that usher in the festivities in the most endearing way! 

DIY Valentine mini wreaths on your kitchen cabinets

They can be reused year-round for other events as well and are great for the entire family to make together.

Tulip Wreath

This Valentine Wreath DIY is stunning, and we’re sure you will agree! The result of arranging faux tulips together on a foam wreath makes this an eye-catching and timeless Valentine’s Day ornament.

Valentine's Day Red Burlap Wreath

It is also a great addition to your list of Valentine’s Day crafts to make and sell.

Banners & Garlands

Banners are a classic way of marking an occasion, and these DIY banners and garlands are perfect for this season of love!

Try your hand at the following Valentine craft ideas that are low on effort, cost-effective, and are a good way to begin your DIY journey.

Yarn Garland

Love Our Real Life’s String Heart Banner is neutral and sophisticated, perfect for those that want something other than bright reds and pinks. 

Pick from a range of twines and threads to create your little hearts – or use both!


This simple, affordable Valentine’s banner is a great way to say “I love you!” to your sweetie. It’s sober, dainty, and uses supplies that you probably already have in your home, like forgotten cereal boxes!

Easy, Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Banner

You can customize it how you like with different fonts and styles, and even add colored scrapbook paper to really make it your own.

DIY Heart Garland

This baby pink DIY heart garland by Ann from Dabbling and Decorating has our heart! 

DIY Heart Garland

It’s time-saving, graceful, and insanely easy to make. By following a few simple steps, you’ll have created a lovely accessory this Valentine’s Day.

5-Minute Valentine’s Garland

We can never get enough of quick, 5-min DIYs and this garland is one of the easiest Valentine’s crafts that we have come across.

How to Make a Valentine Garland

All it needs is card stock paper, twill or baker’s twine, and a heart paper punch. The result will leave you amazed and the tiny hearts will be just the delicate addition to your Valentine’s decorations that you’re looking for.

Simple Valentine’s Banner

Have some paper bags lying around? This Valentine’s Day craft uses paper bags to make an attractive heart-shaped cutout banner.

They’re a chic way to decorate your home, and you can hang them where you like. You can even try adding your own personal touches and play around with different patterns and colors; the options are endless!

Crafts for Kids to Make 

Creating DIY crafts is a great way to introduce your kids to a world of creativity, and it guarantees plenty of quality time together.

We’ve gathered a list of fun and simple art and craft ideas for preschoolers and kids that are perfect for the holiday of love and will keep them busy all week long.

Melted Crayon Art

Vibrant and imaginative, this Melted Crayon Artwork by The DIY Nut involves some brainstorming, which is what makes it so fun for kids! Decide on a fun color scheme around Valentine’s Day together, and follow the super-easy steps to complete this cute DIY.

Valentine's Day Craft of Melted Crayon Art

Hearts Planter 

In a few easy steps, you can create this Conversation Hearts Planter with your kids for their friends or puppy love.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids Planter

The supplies needed are just a few and the planter itself is adorable, making this a thoughtful Valentine’s present that can be ready in no time.

Little ones will love painting the tiny terracotta planters and sticking the conversation hearts into the colored napkins. 

Finger Puppets 

We made these felt Valentine’s finger puppets a couple of years ago, and they’ve remained one of our all-time favorite Valentine’s Day crafts!

We created an entire animal family with cardstock paper that we cut into hearts and stuck onto our felt finger puppets. They were fun, creative, and amazing to play with.

Include your kids by letting them pick the animals and colors. It’s an activity that is sure to keep them occupied for a while!

Thumbprint Bookmark: 

Nothing says ‘made with love’ better than this adorable and personalized Thumbprint Bookmark.

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids Thumbprint Heart

Just help your kids cut out a rectangular piece of card stock in the color of their choice, and let them make their thumbprint hearts. It’s the kind of gift that makes Valentine’s Day memorable for both the giver and the receiver!

Unicorn Valentine’s Day Box 

With a few simple tools and supplies, you can create this beautiful pink Unicorn Valentine’s box for your little ones to keep their Valentine’s notes and cards in.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Fun Money Mom provides details on the entire process, and the finished floral unicorn has got us spellbound. Try yours now!

Glitter Hearts Crayons

You will be astounded by how simple this Glitter Heart Crayons DIY is. We, for one, have been completely won over!

Glitter Heart Crayons

Let your kids help by sorting through broken crayons, and choosing the glitter for the hearts. The finished crayons will definitely be the hero of your kids’ Valentine’s, and make for an awesome gift for friends and teachers!

Dollar Tree Puzzle Piece Sign

Rebecca from Zucchini Sisters made this cute Valentine’s Puzzle Piece Heart Sign using a Dollar Tree heart sign, but you can even use a cardboard cutout if you like. 

Dollar Tree Valentine’s DIY Puzzle Piece Heart Craft

Paint the heart with your kids, and pick out the puzzle pieces together. Then, stick on the painted pieces and stencil the letters across however you like – and done!

Origami Boxes 

If you’re into intricate craft projects and like to go the extra mile, then these origami boxes are just for you!


Pretty as a picture and reusable, they can be customized to any size, color, pattern, and more. Your kids will definitely love to receive and give presents in these delicate boxes!

Pop-Up Craft

Give your kids a fun-filled, memorable Valentine’s with this adorable pop-up box. 

How to Make an Easy Valentine Pop up Craft

It comes with a free printable template that you can quickly assemble for one of the best Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. 

It’s not only easy, but also guaranteed to make kids’ faces light up with delight when the cartoon bear springs out!

Watercolor Art

This beautiful watercolor heart is the perfect art and craft idea for preschoolers, but don’t let that stop you from asking your older kids to pitch in too!

Let your kids explore their imagination and paint any way they like. Offer them their pick of colors and shapes, and take a step back as their creativity runs free. 

Tissue Paper Suncatchers

We love any DIY that lets us spend creative time with our kids, and this Valentine’s Craft Idea of making pretty Suncatchers was just perfect for a fun family activity!

We outlined our contact paper with some fun shapes using cookie cutters and then pasted pieces of colored tissue that we got at the dollar store onto it. Once we were done, we taped them to our windows and our son loved every minute of it!

We hope these Valentine’s Day crafts have inspired you to try your own eye-catching DIYs and set the ambiance for this season of love and togetherness!

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