DIY Macrame Christmas Decorations and Ornaments
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8 Easy & Festive DIY Macrame Christmas Decorations

Here are eight easy and festive macrame Christmas decorations that a beginner can easily make this holiday season. Be sure to check out our DIY reindeer outdoor decoration too!

Christmas is around the corner, and that means one thing – it’s time to get started on your Christmas decorations! What better way to fill your house with holiday cheer than with some charming macrame Christmas decorations?

Macrame is the perfect theme for a Christmas party. Use it for table decor, decorations for walls, charms, ornaments, plant holders, and more! Just imagine sitting with your friends and family, cups of hot cocoa in hand, as everyone compliments your pretty decor and asks you where you bought it. Saying “I made it myself” never gets old, am I right?

This list of easy peasy macrame decorations is perfect for even last-minute Christmas decorations. From good old Christmassy ornaments to jar hangers, we have got you covered! The best part? No special tools or extravagant budgets are required! 

Get ready to deck your halls with these cute DIYs and show off your macrame skills to your family and friends!

DIY Macrame Christmas Decorations and Ornaments

Macrame Christmas Decorations

Boho Christmas Wall Hanging

What’s Macrame Christmas decor without a wall hanging? This fun Boho-Styled Decoration by Charleston Crafted using wood and rope is the perfect Christmas tree wall hanging for DIY-ers who like staying in with the trends! 

DIY Macrame Christmas Decorations

The wall hanging’s Christmas tree design makes it a great substitute for an actual Christmas tree. You can also even use wooden or colored beads as ornaments! If beads for the wall hanging in your kids’ room is a no-go, use paint instead to achieve a colorful covered-in-Christmas-ornaments look. 

To make your decoration more lively, wind some Christmas lights around the dowel or hang larger lights alongside the yarn. You’ll have a vibrant decoration to add to your Bohemian Christmas-themed party in no time!

Macrame Christmas Tree

Perfect for decorating your mantel or bookshelves, our DIY Macrame Christmas Tree is easy to make and affordable to put together! Check out our easy guide and get creative with some beginner macrame patterns. We promise you’ll need no special skills or equipment!

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | Macrame Tree

In the tutorial, we show you how to make a macrame Christmas tree stand, but feel free to adapt it to your own taste and preference. You can just as easily turn it into an ornament or a wall hanging. Be sure to read till the end because we include a fun modification for kids as well!

Macrame Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas and ornaments go hand in hand, which is why A Wonderful Thought’s beautiful Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments are a must-make this holiday season!

DIY Macrame Christmas Tree

This simple step-by-step guide will teach you a new easy-to-learn knot that looks like a Christmas tree and makes for an interesting decoration. And as a bonus, you’ll also get the chance to learn another basic macrame knot called the square knot.

All you really need to make these super adorable knots are a handful of elements, such as a macrame cord, needles, yarn, glue, and wooden beads. 

This DIY ornament guide is only a part of the four-part macrame Christmas ornament series. You can check out the other Christmas ornaments in the series for even more Christmas macrame ideas!

Macrame Jar Hanger

We’re always looking for easy ways to use up empty jars and there’s nothing better than a macrame DIY project for the job! This DIY Macrame Jar Hanger by Decor Hint will instantly give your living room a festive mood. The best part? It only takes 5 minutes to make! 

DIY Macrame Christmas Jar Hanger

If you’re having a party this Christmas, these jar hangers will look gorgeous hung from a tree or an outdoor umbrella. And when Christmas is over, just hang them in your living room as a rustic addition to your homely interiors. 

Cost-effective and creative, this is the perfect project for beginners who are trying their hand at macrame for the first time. It’s just that simple! 

Macrame Rainbow Charm Craft

Whether you’re fascinated by rainbows or just love vibrant colors, this DIY Macrame Rainbow Charm Craft by Crazy Adventures in Parenting is sure to lift your spirits this Christmas season! Easy and fun to make, you can turn yours into a keychain, ornament, wall hanging, and more with only a few minor modifications.

DIY Macrame Rainbow Charm

This delightful rainbow craft will add a splash of color to your Christmas decorations that the younger ones are sure to appreciate! All you’ll need is yarn in at least three different colors. And, basic macrame essentials like scissors, a tapestry needle, felt fabric, and rope.

Macrame Wreath Ornament

This one’s going to be a piece of cake if you made macrame bracelets as a kid, and if not, don’t worry! Chicken Scratch NY’s instructions will catch you up to speed. This rustic Macrame Wreath Ornament is just the thing your macrame Christmas decorations have been missing. 

DIY Macrame Wreath Ornament

The wreath’s simple bow and bell even make it great for giving as a Christmas gift! To make it more vibrant, you can use some colorful ribbons for the bow. The tutorial uses buffalo check for a festive flair! 

Signifying the continuous nature of life, wreaths are best hung up on your front door to welcome guests in with some positivity. You can also make it a part of your wall decorations, or simply place it on your mantle. It’ll even look great on your windows, railings, banisters, or any other place in the house!

Macrame Christmas Tree Wreath Ornament

Love DIY-ing but hate cleaning up afterward? You’ll adore this mini project by Pretty DIY Home. This Macrame Christmas Ornament is so simple that it only needs you to know one type of knot: the basic square knot! 

DIY Macrame Christmas Ornament

Whether you are looking to make a large macrame ornament or a dainty little one, this tutorial will guide you through it. After all, you can never have enough ornaments during Christmas. Just pick a macrame cord based on the size you wish your ornament to be. 

Those new to the world of macrame will greatly appreciate the step to step guide to learning a square knot. Add this to your Christmas tree or hang it up as a wall decoration. Either way, this ornament will brighten up your Christmas decor this season!

Mini Boho Christmas Ornaments

Sure, Christmas invites plenty of DIY projects, but few are as sweet and “spicy” as this one! Jennifer Rizzo made these unique Macrame Christmas Ornaments. She added unique items and ingredients, like stick cinnamon, cloves, and peppercorns, onto a mini-gold hoop. Add some dried orange slices to it, and you’re golden!

DIY Christmas Macrame Hoops

It’s great as an ornament for a Christmas tree, a gift topper, a wine bottle decoration, a window display, and more. If you are into Bohemian decor, this ornament will continue to be an excellent addition to your home long after Christmas or even New Year! 

Based on your requirements, you can shorten or lengthen the hoops and yarn to create some adorable door wreaths.

DIY Macrame FAQs 

Is it easy to learn macrame? 

Yes. Not only is making macrame crafts simple and easy, but it’s also really fun and affordable. 
The best thing about macrame is that it uses a set of three basic knots to create beautiful, intricate designs. This means you don’t need much artistic ability to create your own unique patterns. Although the first few knots might feel a little challenging, once you learn the basics, you won’t be able to stop yourself from filling your home with macrame decor!

How is macrame different from crochet?

The major difference between macrame and crochet is that macrame is done entirely by hand, while crochet needs two crochet needles. Another difference is the way the knots are made. Macrame knots are made using a thick cord or rope, while crochet stitches are made with thin, soft yarn and a hook. 
The two crafts are hardly distinguishable beyond that, and many people even learn macrame and crochet simultaneously!

Do you need special tools for macrame?

As we mentioned before, macrame craft does not require any special tools. It only needs some simple items like macrame cords, beads for ornaments, and rings for wreaths. To make the process easier, you can buy a macrame board to use as a working surface and get started with your macrame project.

How do you know which macrame cords to use?

Macrame can be made using any type of cord. Most macrame artists prefer using high-quality cotton cords as they are easy to unravel. They also create a gorgeous fringe when combed. 
Cords can also be made of nylon paracord and come in a variety of colors. Choose one based on your preferences!

What are the basic macrame knots?

Some of the basic macrame knots are Reverse Larkshead Knot, Square Knot, Diagonal Half Hitch knot, and the quintessential Half Knot. 
Reverse Larkshead knots are usually used to attach the rope to handles or base rods. Half Knots are used to create variations by mixing up the order or directions. Square knots are basically half knots tied in alternating order. A Diagonal Half Hitch Knot is used to make tight flat weaves for straps and other large, tightly woven items.

What else can you make with macrame?

Macrame is used for making more than just Christmas decorations! You can use it to make really adorable pillow covers, plant hangers, curtains, shirts, cover-ups, earrings, keychains, hammocks, or even handbags.

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