Best Black Friday Deals on Amazon

Black Friday Deals for DIY and Craft Lovers

When I was a kid, Black Friday was one of my favorite days. I loved getting up early and shopping before the sun came up.

I loved all of the freebies that the stores were giving away – even if I had no use for them (how many of those Disney J.C. Penney ornaments can one collect over the years?).

Even though everything is online now, I still love grabbing a newspaper on Thanksgiving and looking through all of the store ads.

However, I have to say that I do most of my Black Friday shopping online. The deals are incredible and you can start shopping after Thanksgiving dinner 🙂

With Amazon being one of my absolute favorites, I have put together a list of Amazon Black Friday Deals for DIY and Craft lovers. It’s organized according to when the deal goes live.

And, I’ll be updating it frequently. Please note that you do have to be a Prime Member to get these deals.

Best Black Friday Deals for DIYers and Crafters

Craft Deals

DIY Deals

Home & Organization

I’ll keep adding to the list over the weekend as I find more great deals! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!