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Christmas is coming, and with it, the season of DIY and gifting. The pressure to find (or make) the perfect present is on!

Stores are getting more and more crowded. Personalized gifts are more sought-after than ever. That makes Christmas the perfect time to make and sell online some homemade ornaments. 

Far more valuable than a store-bought present, handmade ornaments are always so appreciated by your friends and family. These wonderful tree decorations make lovely stocking stuffers for future Christmases and are pretty easy on the pocket as well!  

If you’re short on ideas, don’t worry!

We have curated a guide of the best DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell for everyone from kids and adults to the fairly experienced and even amateurs. You’ll find baubles made from crochet, wire, wood, and more to liven up your Christmas tree, so let’s get started! 

Wire-Wrapped Ornaments

Simple, pretty, and customizable; the golden triad of DIY projects comes to you in the form of these adorable Star and Angel Wire Wrapped Ornaments. All you’ll need is a little skill, a sense for composition, and a keen eye for detail – and some colorful beads, of course! 

Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

Grab some aluminum wire and make the most versatile homemade ornaments this Christmas season. Hang them on your tree, string them up by your window as suncatchers, or craft them into striking jewelry! 

Handmade Felt Star Ornaments

Creating fun DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell at your local market needs an appreciation for experimentation. And this clever Felt Star Christmas Ornaments project offers just that, with a chance to hone your stitching skills while at it! 

These stars make perfectly classy Christmas toppers. They’re so simple and pretty that your guests might even mistake them for being store-bought, so be sure to let them know they’re not! 

The best part? Despite its many variations, this project remains super budget-friendly. Just get yourself some felt, thread, beads, and ribbons, and get started! 

Homemade Paintbrush Santa Ornaments

Looking for Christmas ornaments to make yourself this holiday season? Bond with your littles over the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) as you bring to life old paintbrushes and make Fun Money Mom’s Paintbrush Santa Ornaments!

Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

Hilarious and absolutely original, these ornaments are some of the most magically whimsical things you’ll make this holiday season. Challenge your family to come up with the most outrageous Santas, and let the best one win! In the end, you’ll have a ton to go around. 

Felt Wreath Ornament Craft

There’s nothing more welcoming than a leafy green wreath over the front door. Beautiful yet straightforward, these felt wreaths are one of the best DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell. 

Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

Totally achievable for both the crafting pro and the beginner that’s prone to finger pricks, this felt project makes one of the most endearing Christmas wreaths you’ll have ever seen. Just follow the steps and pictures in this detailed guide. In no time, you’ll have a bunch of charming wreaths to herald in the Christmas season. 

Tip: Take it up a notch by adding more colors of felt!

DIY Shooting Star Ornament

Christmastime’s reds and greens can start to feel a little overpowering towards the end of the holidays, especially if you’re an old soul who loves rustic decor. But that’s when you know it’s time to make these minimalist Scandinavian ornaments that are sure to win your heart!

Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

These neutral-tone shooting star ornaments will liven up any room. Plus, they are safe in the curious hands of your littlest family members too. Plus, when it comes to Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit, nothing beats a shooting star. Get a hold of some air-dry clay and wooden beads and get cracking!

Christmas Angel Ornament from Jewelry

Upcycle leftover beads or broken jewelry into Angel Christmas ornaments to make decorations, necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and more. Turning trash into treasure is the mantra of every good DIYer. So if you’ve got a bunch of bits and pieces lying about, this project is the one for you. 

Learn how to assemble the angel charm from this easy guide. Then attach it to pretty much anything you’d like. If you have a keen eye for current jewelry trends, customize your pieces accordingly. You can turn a pretty profit from your Etsy store!

Clay Stamped Ornaments

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to choosing the best DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell. If you want to bring your A-game to the table, Homemade Heather’s Clay Stamped Word Ornaments are perfect for the occasion. 

All you’ll need is some air-dry clay and letter stamps from the Dollar Store to get started. Christmas is all about spending time with your family. This project is a great way to introduce your kids to the joys of DIYing. 

With some patience, white paint, and a few hilarious puns, you’ll be left with clay-stamped ornaments and a bunch of wholesome memories to show for your efforts as well!

Wool Socks Felt Ornament

These Wool Socks Felt Ornaments are a DIYer’s dream project. Spend less than $5 and 30 minutes to put together fiber-filled stockings for the mantle. They look just as good as hand-sewn ones. They’re simply heaven-sent for those that hate needlework!

These are some of the best DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell from home. Just get your trusty glue gun out and you’ll have dozens done and ready to go in no time!

Crochet Gnome Christmas Ornament

Christmas gnomes are a great example of quirky DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell to Millenials. Even better if you’re handy with a crochet needle! Just grab some leftover yarn from your last project and quickly construct these delightful little Nordic gentlemen. 

Not only is the pattern easy to follow, but it also comes with a video tutorial. That will help you along if you get stuck along the way. Once done, hang them on your Christmas tree. Or, you can attach one as a sweet charm on a gift, or wrap a few as tags around your favorite wine bottles!

Mason Jar Christmas Ornament

If you own a shelf full of dusty mason jars (I mean, who doesn’t?), this is your time to shine! With just a few random things from your craft stash, you can design fantastical scenery within the lids of all of your mason jars and turn them into pretty ornaments!

Put your recycling skills to use and create stunning Mason Jar Christmas ornaments to make and sell online. These miniatures are quick and easy to create without looking that way, which makes them one of the most perfect DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell. They’re even kid-friendly, so get the whole family involved!

DIY Yarn & Wood Snowflake Ornament

Snow-inspired crafting is a time-honored tradition of white winters, so go on and let it snow with these wooden Christmas ornaments! These DIY wooden snowflake ornaments are nearly just as remarkable as the real thing.

These are made by drilling patterns into slices of wood and threading them with yarn. They are great for hanging on your tree as simple ornaments, or for decorating further with shiny beads for suspending from the ceiling.

Parents of younger children can opt for the child-safe version instead where kids use a hole punch on cardboard.

DIY Tree on Car Ornament

Go beyond the usual Christmas craft ideas to sell this winter and delve into some seriously humorous ones instead. This Tree Car Christmas Ornament is guaranteed to have the whole family in splits and will be especially adored by the little ones who love silly jokes and pranks. 

DIY Car on Tree Christmas Ornament

All you have to do is hot glue a Dollar Store Christmas tree onto a toy car, and that’s it! Your ornament is ready to go. When it’s finally time to take down your Christmas decorations, attach the ornament to your kid’s backpack as a keychain to show off at school. 

Tip: Let your child finish playing with the car before you hang up the ornament on your tree to prevent it from suddenly (and repeatedly) disappearing!

DIY Painted Gold Leaf Ornaments

You can’t beat these gold leaf ornaments when it comes to unique and elegant gift ideas! They’re made from cheap glass ornament balls and gold leaf sheets, but give off a surprisingly stunning yet understated look that makes them stand out from the rest.

These golden globes look like floating orbs of light against the green of a Christmas tree. They also make great statement pieces wherever they’re placed. The magical quality of these baubles will transport you to the decadent halls of the European ballroom in the blink of an eye.

Rustic Twine-Wrapped Ornament

Picture your whole family gathered around the fireplace at a cute wooden cottage on a cold wintry night. Sipping on hot cocoa and opening Christmas presents. If all of that just isn’t possible this Christmas, make an idyllic rustic charm with the help of this family-friendly Rustic Twine-Wrapped Ornament guide to celebrate a countrified Christmas!

Let your kids wind twine around the balls as you coat them liberally in Mod Podge. Within a few minutes, and with some paint and sparkling glitter, you’ll soon be left with plenty of cottage-inspired DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell.

DIY Crochet Snowman Baubles

Making and selling Christmas ornaments is a good side hustle for the crochet and knitting fanatic. Snow off your crochet skills with these snowman baubles! Give them out at work. Set a couple up behind your car’s rearview window, or attach one to your kid’s water bottle. 

When it comes to quick Christmas crocheting, these ornaments are a game-changer because they are perfect for making while watching TV or listening to your favorite podcast. It’s also the perfect way to use up those tiny bits of wool that have been left behind from previous projects!

Wooden Christmas Countdown Ornament

It is almost as if the “Twelve days of Christmas” gets stuck in our heads as soon as Thanksgiving is over each year! If that’s the case in your family as well, then this Christmas countdown timer by the DIY Dreamer is sure to be your pet project this year. 

DIY Christmas Ornament Countdown

To make yours even more special, you can custom-make countdown timers to suit each one of your customer’s tastes and requirements. Making Christmas decorations to sell is so worth it (even if it does take a little extra time and money)!

DIY Wedding Ornament

Preserve your newly wedded bliss in a Christmas ornament for the rest of eternity with the help of this captivating Wedding Invitation Ornament guide. You might even choose to extend the idea and immortalize other special moments like your first date, honeymoon, and even future ones like your first child’s birthday. 

In this unique project, pieces of the wedding invitation that showcase important details like the date and venue are put into a clear glass ornament and secured. This way, every Christmas will present the opportunity to remember your favorite memories as you set up the tree!

Tip: even use photographs from the wedding or favorite lines from the wedding vows as well! 

DIY Feather Ornaments

These vintage-inspired Christmas ornaments made from feathers are the perfect eye-catching way to dress up your Christmas decor. Whether you plan to use them as ornament exchange gifts, as bling for your teens’ rooms, or as bunting strung up across the window, the effect of these baubles is sure to be mesmerizing. 

Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

For your Etsy homemade Christmas ornaments page, why not offer two options of the same concept? That way, your customers can pick between feather ornaments that are vibrant and colorful for vivid baubles, or gold and white feathers for more refined ornaments. Either way, these homemade ornaments will look amazing when strung up from the Christmas tree!

DIY Christmas Crafts With Twigs

Snowball fights, ice skating, and making snow angels; Christmas is truly a celebration of the winter season! And like most things in life, it’s the simplest things that bring us the most joy. Low cost, easy, and involving little to no skill, this one is the ultimate family project. 

Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

Start by taking a stroll with your family through your backyard and getting the little ones to gather up some twigs and sticks. The older kids can use these to make trees, stars, or wreaths, which you can then utilize to create these simple yet crafty twig ornaments!

Snowman Tea Light Ornament

If your tween wants to make a few quick bucks this holiday season, put them up to the task of making a couple of these snowman tea light ornaments. Use yours to decorate your fireplace or bookshelf and brighten up your days! 

Tea light snowman

Drop by your nearest Dollar Store and pick up some battery-operated votives, tinsel, and rhinestones for this quick 30-minute DIY project. This might end up being one of your kids’ first DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell!


Salt Dough Christmas Tree Ornaments

The oven is for more than just Christmas goodies. It also comes in handy with DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell online! This is the perfect activity for young kids who love baking, painting, and Christmas trees.

Salt dough Christmas tree decorations need only a few simple ingredients you already have at home, like flour, salt, and a cookie cutter shaped like a tree. Just keep an eye on the kids to make sure they don’t sneak a bite!

Angel Clothespin Ornaments

Making Angel Christmas Ornaments for the tree is as simple as decorating a wooden clothespin like an angel! String them up above your kid’s bed as a banner. And, let them watch over them as they go to bed on Christmas Eve.

While certainly not a requirement, you can also use doll pins instead of clothespins if you want to make angels that stand up on their own. At less than a dollar, you’ll have enough angels to string into a garland for your tree in under 30 minutes. 

This one really is one of the fastest DIY Christmas ornaments to make this holiday! 

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