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15 Creative Boredom Busters for Kids

Lately, we have been getting a little more creative with activities for our kids.

I haven’t been breaking the bank – nor have I gone all out with planning or crafting.

Actually, I’ve learned quite the opposite.

The simplest activities have provided so much enjoyment for the whole family.

If you are in need of some fresh ideas, here are 20 creative and easy boredom busters for your whole family.

Simple, Fun Boredom Busters

The ideas below are easy and will provide tons of entertainment for kids.

Grab a few blankets, push some couches together and create the coolest blanket fort. Take it a step further and decorate it.

My kids just made one and taped their pictures to the “walls” and brought their toy flashlights and lanterns. This can provide days of entertainment!

Grab (and sanitize) a box or a piece of cardboard and draw/color/paint a truck or something else your kids love.

Have them help (or surprise them with it).

To see how we made this one, check out how to make a truck cardboard cut-out.

Throw a random “day!” My kids had such an amazing time on Easter because we filled it with little simple surprises – like decorating the table and playing silly games.

It gave me the idea that you can create any kind of day and “celebrate.”

Examples include Monster Day, Puzzle Day (see these fun puzzle party ideas), Beach Day (you’ll need a sandbox), Superhero Day, Princess Day, Forest Animal Day.

Decorate the table, plan some fun activities, dress up, and be as creative as you want. Kids will absolutely LOVE this!

Create fun suncatchers out of tissue paper. You just need a few supplies, and this is any easy way for kids to decorate your windows or door.

See how to make suncatchers out of tissue paper.

How to Make Tissue Paper Suncatchers - Easy Kids Craft

Make some cool cards. No matter how little (or big) your kids are, making cards is a wonderful way to be creative and to spread joy.

If you have a toddler, I love this card-making idea for toddlers. Here are a few card-making ideas for elementary-aged kids too.

Deliver your cards to neighbors or mail them to some of your favorite people. I’m sure they would appreciate some cheer.

Design a scavenger hunt around the house or yard. This is a fun one, and you can be as creative as you like.

If you don’t have a cool prize for the end, baked goods are always a fun prize.

Check out these tips on making a scavenger hunt.

Continue the Easter egg hunts. Even though Easter has passed, you don’t need to put the Easter eggs away.

Younger kids love finding eggs at any time of the year. You could even have older kids hide or fill the eggs for the younger ones.

Here are 20 creative things to put in Easter eggs.

Throw a balloon party. Blow up a few balloons and throw a balloon party. It’s great exercise and helps with balance and motor skills – in addition to being really fun for kids.

If you have little kids, setting a timer might be a good idea. Once the timer goes off, put the balloons away for another balloon party another day.

Make some silly props and set up a DIY photo booth! This could go along with the create a random “day” or you could just make your own silly photo booth.

If your kids love princesses, print out some princess props and glue them to popsicle sticks.

If you don’t want to make your own props, use silly hats or sunglasses – or dress up clothes. You can also buy sets of silly props too.

Check out this article on how to make your own DIY photo booth.

Make a DIY hopscotch mat. Outdoor activities are so wonderful right now, and a fun hopscotch mat like this one is fun to make and play with.

See more details on how to make this DIY hopscotch mat.

Create art for your kids’ rooms. This can be a fun activity for you and the kids. This can be something simple like painting on paper or a canvas – or you can get even more creative.

I love these DIY painted canvases. They are so simple to make.

Using Wall Stickers to Create Cool Wall Art

Create a dollhouse out of a (sanitized) box or make dollhouse furniture out of random things around the house. Examples include tea boxes, cardboard, paper towel rolls, plastic containers or anything else you have.

Make your own puzzle. You can be as creative with this own as you like. You can buy the blank white puzzles and give everyone in the family one to paint or draw on.

You could make a puzzle out of wood with a scroll saw. Or, if you can simple print a picture, glue it to cardboard, and cut it out. The kids can make them for each other.

Create an indoor race track with masking or painter’s tape as the roads.

You can tape these directly to the carpet or floor for a fun activity.

Make your own kite. Instead of just flying a kite on a windy day, why not make your own?!

There’s tons of tutorial out there. If you want to make a pretty cool one, check out this box kite tutorial.

Make your own themed basket. Put together a basket with a theme, such as a cookie decorating basket or a pizza night basket or a “just add ice cream” basket.

Make another and drop it off to your favorite friend or neighbor.

Hopefully, you can incorporate some of these fun activities for you kids! There’s definitely all kinds of ideas that provide hours of entertainment and fun for families.

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