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50+ Amazing Gift Ideas for Creative Kids (That Parents Will Love)

I love looking at gift guides to help me think of creative ideas for birthdays and the holidays.

A few days ago, my son and I were looking at some toys on Amazon, and were loving all of the creative kits and toy options!

It led us to creating our own gift guide for creative kids! 

Below are 50+ creative gift ideas that include STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) ideas, craft ideas, building and construction ideas as well as general creative gifts.


These STEM kits are so fun! From the solar system models to the robot-making, almost all of them are on my son’s holiday list this year. Using these STEM kits are a wonderful way for kids to learn and explore. And, it’s less toys around the house to clean up 🙂

Craft Kits

I love giving my kids opportunities to be creative – whether its through paper and markers or something fancier. The below kits are all wonderful ways of learning and being creative through artwork. 

Scratch Art Books – Here is a fun holiday ornament one too!

String Art – Here is a fun unicorn string art kit – and there’s even a panda-corn!

Stamps and Ink – Here’s a dinosaurs and vehicles one – and there’s a princess and friendship one.

Nature Art Book – Tons of ideas for crafty kids to make with nature.

Sticker Scenes – This one has 14 scenes!

Rock Painting – This is a fun little kit.

Building Items

Kids love to build! Here are creative building ideas that you don’t always see in the stores. 

3D puzzle kits – castles, pirate ships, etc

Creative Items

Last, here are a few more creative items for kids – including some art-related items and creative thinking gifts. 

How to Draw Books – Unicorns, animals, people

Cool gel pens or paint pens

Last, there are monthly subscription kits that you can buy (or gift), where kids receive a box full of activities in the mail each month. These can be craft-related, construction-related, or science-related. These are awesome gift ideas!

I hope these help you with your holiday shopping this year!

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