10 Ways to Beautifully Express Your Creativity

Here are 10 ways to beautifully express your creativity through DIY home and craft projects.

When we were kids, the whole day was play time. Making blanket forts, turning paper towel rolls into space ships, doodling with chalk creations on the driveway.

Everything was magical and exciting.

Somewhere along the path of growing up, we lose some of that magic in a sea of responsibilities.

It’s so important to remember that adults need time for play too. It looks a little different – you might not get as excited over blanket forts (but you might!). Just the same, we need time to relax, laugh, and create.

That can come in many different forms – maybe you love to paint, maybe you enjoy building with wood, maybe decorating your home is your passion, or maybe you’ve been dying to craft with your cricut.

There’s something truly magical in creating.

If you are looking to find your magic again – or even to just destress, check out these simple DIY projects. They’ll help express your creativity even in stressful times.

Create Wall Art with a Stencil

This is one of my favorite DIYs because it allowed to be creative, but I didn’t have to paint a piece from scratch.

I bought a world map stencil and grabbed some scrap wood from the garage. My creativity came into play as I blended one color to another color on each of the continents.

I felt like I was back in high school art class, just painting away until I was happy enough with my creation.

As a side note, it’s so hard to find wall art to go above couches (and get the right length), so making a custom piece worked wonderfully.

Here’s more details on how I painted this world map piece along with some other wall art ideas.

Using a world map stencil to create DIY wooden wall art canvases

Make a Homemade Gift Basket

I love making homemade gift baskets – they’re so fun to make, and they are a wonderful gift.

In times like these, everyone could use a little cheer, so why not whip up a few baskets and deliver to some of your favorite people!

You could make an ice cream sundae gift basket, a sunshine basket (where everything is yellow or bright/cheery), a pizza night basket, a cookie decorating basket – the sky is your limit.

There are some creative ideas in how to make a themed gift basket.

Make Easy Wooden Bookends

If woodworking is your thing, or if you can navigate a scroll saw, then you can create these!

I simply sketched a bunny and then cut it out of wood using the scroll saw.

Then, I painted the bunny, making very simple features. I actually wanted to make the bunny magnetic, so I could swap out different animals or designs, but that’s an idea for another day.

More details on how to make easy bookends.

Turn Anything into a Lamp

Did you know that you can turn anything into a lamp?

This cool lamp is made from an oversized model train, but you could use anything you’d like.

It’s a great upcycling project, and we all have to much laying around our home right now 🙂

Check out detailed instructions on how to make a DIY lamp.

How to Make a DIY Lamp from Anything

Create String Art

String art is a super easy, but tedious, project. No prerequisite skills are required – and it’s very therapeutic.

Create something for yourself – or for one of your favorite people. I’m sure they’ll be tickled.

Learn how to make your own string art.

Upcycle Cardboard Boxes into Storage

Grab (and sanitize) those cardboard boxes and turn them into cute storage boxes with contact paper and little knobs.

Wrapping the boxes with contact paper takes a little time, but these storage boxes last for years and years.

Below are the boxes I made for my son’s nursery years ago, and they are still going strong!

Learn how to upcycle boxes into cute storage.

Create a No-Sew Embroidery Hoop

If you aren’t the best at sewing, no worries! You can make a gorgeous no-sew embroidery hoop, like this one.

I made these with random craft supplies that I had around the house. I just love how the nativity scene turned out.

You can order a set of embroidery hoops, and start creating.

Learn how to make a no-sew embroidery hoop.

Make a Creative Photo Book

This is one of my favorite gifts to give! You might think that there isn’t much creativity involved with making an online photo book, but there truly is.

We make photo books for other family members all the time, and we love to choose some kind of theme with funny, silly, or relevant sayings that accompany the pictures.

These photo books are so unique and such a hit, as they turn out amazing!

For example, for my sister’s birthday, we made a Seinfeld quote book – and paired pictures of her over the years with funny lines from Seinfeld.

See more ideas for making creative photo books.

Redo a Piece of Furniture

This is another one of my favorite ways to create.

Taking an old piece of furniture and giving it new life is such a great way to exercise your creativity and create something useful and beautiful.

Here is a nightstand that I redid with chalk paint.

Here is an older dresser that I freshened with milk paint and new handles. You won’t believe the before picture!

how to use milk paint on old furniture

Go Fly a Kite

Rather than buy an already-made kite, why not make one yourself?!

My hubby made this box kite and explains exactly how you can make it too.

Making the kite yourself enables you to express your creativity, and then it becomes a fun family activity afterward.

See how to make your own box kite.

How to Make a Box Kite from Scratch

I hope that sharing these DIYs, at the very least, inspired you to create in some way or form that enables you to beautifully express creativity – and help you find your magic again.

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