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11 DIY Kitchen Organization Hacks That’ll Make You Want to Be in the Kitchen

Here are 11 DIY kitchen organization hacks that’ll make you want to spend more time in the kitchen – from cabinet organization to storage. Be sure to check out our gel-stain kitchen cabinet transformation!

Kitchen organization is one of those important tasks that is always put off for later. Bottles of herbs, spices, flours, and powders, there’s so much to store!

If you’re on the hunt for DIY kitchen organization hacks and some Pinterest-perfect ideas, then we have just the list for you. 

We have listed out some quick kitchen organization tips and tricks to start your cleaning spree and have your kitchen essentials sorted for months. Explore 11 simple DIYs that are easy on the wallet and perfect for every home.

Armed with our handy little guide, kitchen organization is sure to become your favorite new hobby!

Use these to Organize Your Spice Drawer 

Organizing things around the kitchen is both calming and incredibly satisfying; some would even say therapeutic! Plus, who doesn’t love a sharp-looking space for cooking? Not only will everything be within hand’s reach, but also be well planned, spacious, and clean.

Be it a cute little pantry recessed shelf like ours or a practical spice drawer, we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest DIY kitchen organization hacks. 

Laura from Inspiration for Moms has the neatest little spice drawer that eliminates all the usual hassles of scrambling for spices.

Kitchen Organization

Her quick and efficient tip is to organize the spices in alphabetical order. You can organize yours similarly, or from most used to least. This way, they become much easier to find and you save a lot of time!

All you will need is a tiny wooden shelf installed inside a sliding drawer of your choice. Wooden shelves are better to clean and are safe from rust and corrosion. Customize your shelf’s dimensions to fit your space and you’ll be ready to fill it up with your little bottles in no time.

She uses beautiful glass jars that preserve the essential oils of freshly ground spices with attractive bamboo lids. Appealing and useful, you can buy different bottles, customize them in several ways, and attach labels for quick identification.

Get started now!

Build Pantry Shelves with Drawers

We love our built-in pantry shelves with drawers! Inexpensive and multi-purpose, they’re a great way to begin exploring DIY kitchen organization hacks.

Ideally, we recommend working with what you have when it comes to trying new kitchen organizing ideas. The goal with building something, whether it be to try some DIY pantry hacks or something else, should always be to reuse and upcycle the furniture that you already have lying around. But don’t let not having anything that needs repurposing stop you, because building your own from scratch is an option too!

Our pantry shelves with drawers are fairly simple and you’ll find that it’s definitely worth the effort. In our hack, the drawers act as shelves and they’re amazing space savers. What’s more, they create an open de-cluttered look that’s easy to maintain. 

It took us just one weekend and a $75 budget to build our own pantry shelves from scratch with birch plywood. You can use any type of wood that you like.

Follow our detailed guide here for steps to construct your own. 

Store Your Measuring Cups on the Cabinet Door

This is one you do not want to miss when exploring the world of DIY kitchen organization hacks!

Simple and straightforward, DIY Danielle’s blog takes you through this classic, Pinterest- inspired dollar tree kitchen hack. It makes an efficient way to store your measuring cups and spoons and comes with a cute little illustrated guide to help. 

Kitchen Organization

The stick-on hangers make it easy to hang your measuring cups and ensure that your ingredients and tools are all in the same place. They’re also a cool way to maximize wall-mounted space.

Make sure to plan out the placement, and use removable vinyl for future help. It’s the quickest hack you’ll find and it also fits comfortably into a wide kitchen drawer.

Make an Extra “Toekick” Drawer

Extra toe-kick drawers are in fashion and we absolutely adore the idea. Hidden and crafty, they create just the right amount of sliding space at the base of your cabinets. It’s a DIY kitchen organization hack that is definitely useful to have up your sleeve.

Make use of the toe-kick space that usually goes overlooked and is sealed off, and install tiny drawers in its place. Measure out the area available to you and build your own tiny drawers.

Kitchen Organization

They’ll take you no more than two days to make and you’ll be left with some much-needed storage space. Use scrap wood for the drawer and attach simple gliders. You can store everything from cake molds to odds and ends. 

The possibilities are virtually endless and at under $30, this DIY kitchen storage hack is hassle-free and effective!

Transform a Desk Area into a Cabinet

This DIY organization tip is a great way to create storage mainly because it works anywhere, not just in the kitchen. Apply this hack to any unused space in your home, and we guarantee you’ll love the results. 

We found this desk area in a corner of our kitchen that was just begging for a redesign. After some careful consideration, we decided to convert it into a kitchen cabinet to store the many pots and pans lying around.

All it took was measuring out the space and installing the cabinet below the counter. For this DIY kitchen organization hack, we chose to order the cabinet doors, but you can also choose to build your own.

The blueprint is pretty much the same as that of a normal cabinet, but you can choose to customize the dimensions as you please. For our cabinet, we added an extra division to ensure that we had enough shelf space.

At under $100, you’ll be looking at brand new cabinets that you can use however you like. 

If you want to try out this DIY organization tip, click here and check out our step-by-step guide. 

Designate & Organize a Baking Cabinet

We love being able to customize our spaces. From vibrant colors and aesthetic wallpapers to little trinkets, everything comes together to create the DIY of our dreams. This baking cabinet is one such DIY that’s not only useful but also oh-so attractive!

Start by choosing a cupboard to keep all your baking supplies in. Clean out the space and assemble all your baking ingredients and tools. This is the time to consider upscaling and investing in new containers for your various sugars and powders – stackable ones are great. 

Kitchen Organization

Next, get yourself some craft paper, cute hangers, and labels, and get artsy!

Amber Oliver begins by pinning dainty corkboard tiles to the insides of the doors. This way, you’ll be able to stack up recipes and baking notes for later. You can even hang your measuring spoons on hangers attached to the tiles for easy usage. 

With your craft paper of choice, line the insides of the shelves with some heavy-duty adhesive spray. She uses a pretty pastel yellow print, but yours can be any design you like. 

Finally, put your containers in place with brand new labels, and et voila!  Your baking cabinet is ready! 

With just the littlest amount of effort, your kitchen can achieve the most perfect makeover! Click here for more details. 

Simple Freezer Organization

Who hasn’t lost food in the freezer when cooking in a hurry? 

The worst part is when we forget what we already have in between the towers of frozen food and end up accidentally wasting things as a consequence. Budget 101 has a simple freezer organization tip for us to use so we can avoid this. 

Kitchen Organization

Invest in clear tubs and containers for larger types of foods. Label according to whatever your most stored items are: meats, soups, curries, and more. Consider laminating the labels to prevent them from getting soggy in the freezer. It also makes them convenient to wash.

Portion and freeze your meals in clear totes as mentioned here, and store them inside each container. Now, just defrost and use as required. 

With this simple DIY kitchen storage hack you can ensure you never lose track of what’s in your freezer again! 

Use the “In Between” Fridge Space for Storage

Spices are notorious for being difficult to store, which is why they are often jammed in between other items and left scattered around the kitchen in different cabinets. Sadly, this will leave you turning your kitchen upside down in search of that herb seasoning or bottle of paprika every time you decide to make something!

This DIY pantry hack is the solution to all your problems – especially if you’re dealing with minimal storage space to start with. Great amounts of space go underutilized in our homes and with this creative kitchen organization idea, you’ll realize that every corner has the possibility for a unique DIY. 

After assessing our kitchen area, we decided to use the small vertical gap between the wall and our fridge. A pull-out spice rack seemed possible here and we decided to construct our very own from scratch.

First, we used scrap wood to build two independent basic shelf units that we nailed with a hardboard backing. Then, we added some compartments for better organization. 

After constructing the units, we attached wood trim to keep the spices secure and mounted one shelf on top of the other. Lastly, we reinforced them with drawer slides and added handles to the front to help pull them out.

This DIY is so simple, that you won’t even break a sweat.

Our guide will take you through the entire process and help you plan out which materials you will need. At just under $75, you’ll be looking at your own pull-out hidden fridge space

Easy DIY Mail Organizer

You don’t need to be an expert in sewing to make this hanging DIY mail organizer, and creating a designated space for your mail means you never have to worry about it getting lost again. Efficient and practical, it lends orderliness to any space that employs it, but particularly the kitchen. 

Craftsy Hack’s blog gives us a step-by-step guide on how to make your own wall-mounted organizer. With separate compartments and ample room to store your letters and bills, this little project is a sure success. 

All you’ll need is a piece of canvas, printed fabric, cardboard, and pins. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can choose to sew it by hand. Add extra compartments to sort your mail by urgency or type. Place it wherever you like and use it as you see fit.

With a detailed list of materials required and an equally elaborate description of the process, following this kitchen organization tip will be a piece of cake!

Use Homemade Coordinating Pantry Labels

Coordinating pantry labels are an urgent need in every home. Labels are useful not just for the kitchen, but for any other organizational activity in the house.

They help to reduce the time you need to search for something and even add a pretty and aesthetically pleasing look to the activity as well. To optimize your organization, coordinate the labels by creating separate types of labels for different groups of items. 

Home Made Lovely’s blog details different kinds of labels, where to buy them, and how to make them. It’s just the inspiration you’ll need to finally bring some order to the clutter in your kitchen – in a fun and creative way! 

She also provides free printable labels that you can use which makes giving it a shot even easier. Just print, cut, and paste. These labels will completely change the look of your kitchen!

Turn an Old CD Tower into Bonus Storage

This CD tower pantry shelf is honestly one of our favorite creative kitchen organization DIYs and we’re really proud of it. 

An ingenious use of space (if we do say so ourselves), this DIY kitchen organization hack utilizes pre-used furniture in the coolest way possible!

When we noticed an unusually large wall in our new home, we wondered if there was anything we could do with it. And just like that, everything fell into place. All we had to do was cut into the drywall and insert our discarded CD tower. We didn’t even have to build new shelves!

It’s a quick DIY that barely takes any time at all. With minimal touch-ups, you’ll spend next to nothing, provided you have the power tools necessary – a simple jab saw and pocket hole jig will do. 

There’s no end to the kinds of projects you can take up when it comes to DIY kitchen organization hacks. Choose one, choose two or choose them all! Begin your DIY experimenting now and in just a few creative steps, you’ll be looking at a completely transformed and organized kitchen.

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