DIY Nativity Scene and Thanksgiving Scene Holiday Embroidery Hoop
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Nativity Scene Embroidery Wreath (That’s No-Sew)

Looking for an easy holiday nativity DIY? Make this no-sew embroidery hoop nativity scene in just minute. Perfect DIY holiday decor. Be sure to also check out our Holiday Star Door Hanging and our Santa and Reindeer Outdoor Decor!

Don’t you love a dual holiday decoration? This easy embroidery wreath has a nativity scene on one side and Thanksgiving decor on the other.

Here’s the front:

And the back of the embroidery hoop:

How to Make a No-Sew Nativity Scene Hoop

I absolutely adore nativity scenes – they just warm my heart. So, I made this fun little embroidery hoop. It’s super simple and no-sew! Here’s how I made it:


  • Embroidery hoop
  • Holiday fabrics (Christmas one and Thanksgiving one)
  • Adhesive gold rhinestones in various small sizes
  • Burlap ribbon (I used a thin one for the stable and a thicker one for the cut-outs – see pic)
  • Thanksgiving (or any holiday) scrapbook paper or embellishments
  • Scissors ( and squiggly scissors if you have them)
  • Pen/pencil
  • Hot glue gun and sticks OR mod podge and foam brush OR zots (adhesive glue drops)

What are zots? Zots are little adhesive glue spots that work really well for craft projects. They are helpful in laying out your scene to see how it will look – but you can easily still move it around. They are very sticky and effective. 

Front – Nativity Scene

I love walking the craft stores for inspiration and for their on-sale bins! I found both of these cute holiday fabrics (the gray background with the tree and the orange leaves) in the dollar bin at A.C.Moore. Definitely check the ends of aisles and their holiday sections for sales and inspiration.

Attach Fabric

To make the nativity scene, first separate your embroidery hoop circles. Place your fabric down on the smaller circle, place the larger circle on top, and tighten.

Pull the fabric from the back to make it tight – and adjust the screw again if you need to.

Cut and Attach Burlap

Next, cut strips of the burlap ribbon for the nativity. Cut out Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus from the burlap. If you aren’t great at drawing, just google “outlines” with your phrase and you can print and trace – or attempt to draw it from the outline. 

Lay everything out. I centered the nativity horizontally, but I placed the nativity more in the foreground to have a bigger starry sky.

Use mod podge or zots to attach the nativity to your fabric. I used zots – they worked well!

Add Embellishments

Now it’s time for the rhinestones. Place the gold rhinestones in the sky as stars. You might need to use mod podge (or hot glue and tweezers) for these if the adhesive isn’t enough stick. 

I put the largest rhinestone above the nativity and scattered the rest throughout.

And, the front side is finished!

Back Side – Happy Harvest

First, I flipped over the embroidery hoop and trimmed down the fabric on the back. I left about an inch or so.

Then, I placed about an inch of hot glue on the inside of the embroidery hoop (see pic) and pulled the fabric tight and stuck it to the glue.

I continued around the perimeter of the hoop gluing and sticking the fabric until I reached the end.

Next, I liberally traced the inner hoop on my second fabric. This fabric was the one being used on the backside.

After that, cut out the fabric on the line you drew.

Next place the fabric right-side-up on the embroidery hoop (where you intend for it to go), and place the larger hoop on top.

This step will take a few minutes.

If the edges of the second fabric are sticking out on the first side (see below pic), then you’ll need to readjust.

So you’ll want to take the outer hoop off, trim the fabric, and try again.

It takes a few tries, but it’s definitely worth it to have dual-sided holiday décor.

Once you have the fabric on the backside, you are ready to start decorating your second side.

The fabric I had was such a busy print that nothing with too much of a pattern would work.

So, I simply used Thanksgiving scrapbook paper and made two cut-outs that I liked.

I used squiggly scissors to make them look fancier.

I also cut out some scrap bown paper to frame the pumpkin cut-out.

Last, I used Zots to stick them on, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

DIY Nativity Scene and Thanksgiving Scene Holiday Embroidery Hoop

This easy DIY flip wreath is doubled-sided and you can create one side for Thanksgiving and one side for Christmas.

It’s super easy to make, there’s no sewing required, and it’s a fun DIY for the holiday season. 


  1. What a fun wreath Eileen!!! I’m really loving it! Wonderful! Love that you can flip it too!!

    1. Thanks Lindsay – yes, I love to do that too!

  2. Visiting your blog is always inspiring. Your Christmas wreath is such a pretty addition to any Christmas decor. Thanks for the inspiring idea!

  3. Karen Langridge says:

    I love how detailed your instructions are and what a lovely make! I wish I had your skill, my mum likes making things in our family, will have to get her to have a look

    1. Aww thank you! It’s very simple – I’m sure you could do it too!

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