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20 Easy & Creative Easter Crafts for Adults That anyone can do

Looking for Easter craft ideas for adults? Check out these adorable wreaths, easy DIY decor, kids crafts, and more! Be sure to also check out these easy DIY Easter crafts that you can make with just one bunny template! And, check out our post on creative Easter basket fillers!

Easter is only a few weeks away now folks! Whether you prefer to keep it low-key with the decorations or go all out and add loads of festive elements to your home, everybody enjoys some good seasonal DIY projects. So go ahead and check out some of the best Easter craft ideas for adults below!

Besides saving you some money, these crafts also make great gifts for friends who already have everything. And who knows, maybe you’ll even inspire some of them to try making some crafts of their own, or better yet, buy some off you!

Easter Bunny DIY Crafts


Easter Decor 

Easter Egg Ornaments

Want to create some DIY dough ornaments but are afraid it’ll take up your whole day? Check out The DIY Dreamer’s Baking Soda eggs. They require all but three ingredients that you probably already have lying around anyway and unlike dough eggs, only need about an hour in the oven.

The best part is that they can be customized to your taste and adorned with anything from paint to washi tape. Use them as bunting or cute gift tags! Have a little fun and play around with the shapes of the ornaments. You can make them into a bunny, chocolate, basket, or anything else that takes your fancy!

Whatever you choose, they’ll be a favorite for sure.

Bunny Bunting

As far as Easter craft ideas for adults go, this one will thrill crochet fans! 

Adorn your door frames, walls, fireplace, or even your work table with this cheerful, easy-to-make Bunny Bunting and instantly feel the spring vibe. If yellow isn’t your color, feel free to mix it up with other spring-y colors of your choice.

This bunting is perfect for those with no crochet experience or skill. The pattern is easy to read and understand and only has one stitch pattern to master, making it perfect for introducing to kids as well. 

The beauty of crocheting is that it can be both a relaxing evening activity or an affordable and loving way to make a gift. Plus, if you can master the skill, this project is a fantastic Easter DIY to make and sell, because who doesn’t love a cute crochet creation!

Moss-Covered Eggs

Have you been endlessly searching for innovative ways to decorate your eggs this season? Look no further! Nothing screams DIY like these Moss-Covered Eggs that lend an elegant touch to your spring decor. 

All you really need for this craft are some paper mache eggs and moss. You can add some dried fruits or baby succulents to your eggs to take your creativity to the next level.

Use the eggs as centerpieces year after year, stack them in a glass vase, or use them to make DIY Easter wreaths. This easy Easter craft is sustainable, tasteful, and versatile!

Easter Flower Baskets

What says Easter better than the first bloom of spring? This year, instead of buying flowers that only last a couple of days, why not use artificial ones for this Easter Flower Basket and spend half the money and effort you normally would? 

Pull out an old gift basket, some pastel flowers, and greenery. With a little creativity, you’ll have your festive ornament ready in no time!

Use this project as a centerpiece for your next Easter Brunch, or use them to decorate your living room throughout spring. Larger baskets look beautiful when displayed by the fireplace or on the front porch.

Decoupage Eggs

These Decoupage Eggs aren’t just beautiful –  they’re also one of the most fun and engaging adult Easter crafts for first-timers. With an interesting texture and a look that emulates vintage speckled eggs, these eggs provide a certain elegance and unique charm to your Easter decorations. 

Although Homemade Heather chooses a muted color palette for her own eggs, you can always play around with brighter spring hues. Place your decorated eggs in a bowl with contrasting colors and display them on your coffee table. If you really want to show them off, place them in a line on your windowsill or on your kitchen counters.

DIY Easter Gifts

Homemade Easter Baskets

Although a little time-consuming and at times even tricky, Happiest Camper’s easy-to-follow steps and photos make these DIY Easter Baskets an enjoyable craft to make. Besides, nothing compares to the joy of making those you care about feel cherished, and little else does that on Easter than handmade Easter baskets!

You’ll see that the baskets in the tutorial tout an ombre look, but you can choose whatever color and style tickle your fancy. These roomy baskets can carry handmade cookies, plush Easter bunnies, and even some treats for your loved ones. 

The decoupage eggs mentioned above would make stunning additions to these baskets and turn them into the loveliest centerpieces. After Easter, you can conveniently replace the eggs with some flowers and continue to display them at your house.

Bunny Stuffy 

If you enjoy sewing and have some old fabric lying around, why not spend 20 minutes trying your hand at this adorable Rabbit Plushie? Besides being an excellent gift idea for little ones, it also makes the perfect addition to a customized Easter basket. 

You can either choose to cut your fabric to be the same on each side or use two different pieces of fabric for the front and the back to make a contrasting rabbit. It really comes down to you and which style appeals to you most. One cute thing you can try is making your creations match your easter outfit, decorations, or even upholstery! 

Pocket Bunny for Egg Fillers

These adorable handsewn bunnies are easy, fast, and inexpensive to make. Plus they’re a great way to introduce yourself to the basics of sewing if you’re new to it.

They’re great as egg fillers, or for stringing together to make a bunting for your front door.  You can also stick a couple in your loved ones’ Easter baskets, to see their faces light up when they find them!

Homemade Bunny Ears

Make these cutesy bunny ears for your little one to wear as part of a costume or to go egg hunting. They also work great as whimsical Easter party favors to get your guests in the celebratory mood!  

All you need for this project is some thick fabric, scissors, card stock, and glue, all of which you probably already have available. Try making your bunny ears out of pre-loved pieces of fabric and put them to use throughout the year to make them eco-friendly, sustainable, and easy on the wallet!

Bunny & Chick Favors

If you’re looking for easy-to-make, themed party favors, look no further than these bunny and chick treat cups. You can fill them with anything from jelly beans to M&Ms, and they’ll be ready to go in no time!

These are great for making with the kids and will make the perfect mini easter gifts for teachers and friends at school, so get the whole family involved!

DIY Easter Wreaths

Easter Bunny Wreath

The only downside to beautiful, Easter wreaths is that they are typically very expensive, but what if I told you that you could make one for less than ten dollars? Well, you can, and this Easter Bunny Wreath tutorial shows you how!

While not particularly the quickest DIY out there, the results you get are stunning, and you can use anything you like to decorate it. From faux flowers, ribbons, and decoupage eggs to satin bows and bunny ornaments – just take your pick and get started!

Yarn-Wrapped Easter Egg Wreath

If yarn decor piques your interest, check out this Yarn-Wrapped Easter Egg Wreath. This project is a terrific way to repurpose old plastic eggs and yarn, and while it does take a little longer than some of the other DIYs on this list, the end product is so worth the effort.

DIY Easter wreaths are such versatile ornaments. In fact, the best part about them is their customizability! Want something traditional and cheerful? Choose four to five bright colors. Fancy a rustic, more understated look? Go for colors like bronze, gold, and brown shades of yarn instead! The choice is entirely yours when you do it yourself. 

Moss Bunny Door Hanger

Ditch the classic wreaths for this splendid, neutral-toned Moss-Covered Bunny Hanger. It’s the perfect addition to a farmhouse-themed home or party setup.

DIY Easter Bunny Wreaths

The level of difficulty of this project depends on how much time and energy you want to put into it. If you have reclaimed wood that needs recycling, this is an opportunity to carve it into a rabbit shape, or you can just as easily make do with a bunny-shaped wooden frame if you would rather not deal with all that fuss. 

Whatever you choose to do, this Easter DIY for adults will look fantastic on your front door and attract a lot of eyeballs, that’s for sure! 

Easter Crafts for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunny Craft

Anyone who loves crafting knows how awesome toiler paper rolls are! They are recyclable, easy to work with, and so versatile, which is why these Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Crafts have a spot on our list. 

DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

Give your kids the freedom to choose how they want to decorate their craft and let them paint their bunnies in any color they choose. It’s the perfect craft for letting their personalities shine!

Easy Cross Craft

Looking for creative ways to help your kid grasp the actual meaning of Easter and religion but have no clue where to start? This Simple Cross Craft project might be your answer. 

DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

To begin, just gather necessary items like cardstock, colored paper, and glue, and follow the simple instructions. It’s a great way to have a meaningful and wholesome conversation with your family while having some fun!

Stained Glass Tissue Paper Cross

Get your kids involved in house decorations for the season with this uncomplicated craft. Featuring a one-of-a-kind stained glass effect that resembles the traditional art found in churches and cathedrals, this lovely Stained Glass Tissue Paper Cross is a fun rendition of the simple cross craft. 

This DIY allows your kids to connect with the Easter story and learn more about Christ and Easter. Not to mention, it’s ideal for children because it requires only a few simple crafting items, such as transfer paper, colored tissue sheets, and glue. 

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft

Paper plate crafts are the father of kids’ crafts! They’re easy to make yet offer a lot of fun. Sam’s Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft is a simple yet fun way to get your child excited for the holiday season. If your little ones enjoy cutting-centered activities, this is the one for them.

DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

PS: The free Easter Bunny template can help you save time. Although, older children may find it fun to draw the bunny themselves. 

Easter Wands

Crafts like this Easter Wand are easy to make and inexpensive, making them the ideal party activity for kids. Just get your supplies in bulk at a dollar store and you’re good to go! Plus, they look great when used in Easter-themed decor, so you don’t have to worry about this kids’ craft going to waste! 

DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

They are super versatile and great for adding some pizzazz to your lawn for an egg hunt. And if you’re feeling particularly festive this Easter, you could even organize a mini children’s parade with the kids from your neighborhood holding the wands and having a blast!

Bunny Corner Bookmark

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how cute these Easter Bunny bookmarks are! Making these with your child will not only help them learn how to follow instructions but also establish a newfound love for handcrafted items. 

DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

Honestly, these little bunnies are practical enough to interest both kids and adults, so give your kid a hand and make several of them for both of your Easter gift exchanges! If you want to include something other than candy in your Easter baskets, a book to go with these adorable bookmarks is a sweet option.

All it takes to get started on this 5-minute craft is printing out the free downloadable template, so what are you waiting for? 

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