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Here’s 25+ Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults that are Simple, Beautiful, & Creative

Here are over 25 easy Christmas crafts for adults to make! From clay crafts to no-sew crafts to easy wooden crafts, you’ll be sure to find something fun to make here.

And just like that, the holiday season is upon us again!

Christmas is that special time of year that all ages look forward to for the fun holiday festivities, the surprise gifts, and the infectious cheer!

It’s safe to say I love all things Christmas – and I love a simple craft too! 

And that’s why I have made this list of stunning and easy Christmas crafts for adults. Try a few while gearing up to get your home in the holiday spirit!

1. Fun Clay Crafts For Adults

Add a personal touch to your yearly decor with these easy Christmas clay crafts. I love these understated & elegant clay ornaments because they add a rustic aesthetic to any holiday decor, and they last for years. So you can make them once and continue to use them for the next few Christmases too! 

Polymer Clay Snowflake Ornament 

These Polymer Clay Snowflake Ornaments by Heather Painchaud are a must-have in your collection of DIY Christmas crafts. They can be made in a matter of minutes and they turn out super adorable! You can even try out different snowflake designs and patterns.

Easy Christmas Craft Snowflake Clay Ornament

Shooting Star Ornaments from Clay

DIY with My Guy brings you these fun, shooting star ornaments that are perfect if you are going for a minimal and modern style this Christmas. Follow the instructions mentioned to make these clay stars for your tree, wreaths, or pretty much any decor element around the house.

Clay Farmhouse Ornament

Here’s another one of Heather Painchaud’s quick and easy Christmas crafts. These Clay Farmhouse Ornaments make a fun addition to your holiday decor because you can add your personal touch to them with different designs, patterns, and more! The tutorial is easy to follow and there are printable farmhouse templates that you can use for your craft.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults Clay House

2. Crafts from Upcycled/Reused Items

Decorations that are festive and eco-friendly? YES!

These creative DIYs are good Christmas crafts that help you save the environment as well as your money. So find what you need lying around your house and get started on these unique & trendy upcycled trinkets. 

Festive Painted Mason Jars

The Happiest Camper shows us how to upcycle our mason jars with festive paints. Despite requiring minimal effort, they make super cute adornments for every corner. Check out the three painting ideas given, or you can try out your own. Use them as the perfect party favor with gifts, Christmas cookies, and more.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | Decorative Mason Jars

DIY Yarn-Filled Christmas Ornaments

Golden Lucy Crafts’ DIY Yarn-Filled Christmas Ornaments are perfect for those who love to knit or crochet. If you’ve got yarn readily available at home, these ball ornaments become super easy to make. The process itself also makes for a fun activity for the entire family, the little ones included. Check out the three ideas listed, or experiment with your own.

DIY Dryer Vent Snowman

Bring Frosty the Snowman home with this DIY Dryer Vent Snowman by Sammie from Down Redbud Drive. Yes, a dryer vent! This creative craft is so quirky and needs only a few items like buttons and felt to dress up your snowman.  Follow the tutorial, and you can have a unique 2-ft tall snowman in a few minutes.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | Snowman Dryer Vent

Upcycled Jeweled Christmas Tree

Another DIY by Sammie, the Jeweled Tree DIY is a stunning and easy Christmas craft to make and sell too. Gather your old jewelry, brooches, or pearls to create these showpieces for a sparkly Christmas. I absolutely love this DIY and can’t wait to try it out.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | Jeweled Christmas Tree

Christmas Coasters from Holiday Cards

These DIY Christmas Coasters by Ann carry a hint of nostalgia, as she makes them with old Christmas cards and Mason jar lids. Although this one takes a bit more effort and time, its final look is so elegant it’s definitely worth it.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | DIY Holiday Card Coasters

Christmas Tree Made From Plastic Spoons

This Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree by Heathered Nest makes DIY Christmas craft ideas for adults enjoyable, because why should kids have all the fun? An effortless DIY that looks wonderful on your mantelpiece or coffee table. It adds just the right amount of sparkle to your celebrations!

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | Holiday Tree from Plastic Spoons

Abstract Art Ornaments

One more craft idea with mason jar lids to add to your list (because don’t we all have a bunch of them lying around? Or is that just me). A twist on the classic mason jar decorations, these abstract art ornaments by Julie add a modern touch to your Christmas tree. Follow her quick tutorial, and you can make these chic, trendy ornaments your own.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | Abstract Art Ornaments

3. Easy, No-Sew (But Looks Sewn) Crafts for Adults

We all love how sewed crafts look, but with all the work we’ve got piling up, who’s got the time to make them? Don’t worry, these no-sew crafts are here to save the day. With minimal effort, you can now create adorable little decorations and designs in just a few minutes.

Fabric Snowman Display

Cute as a button, these fabric snowmen by Elizabeth are a creative take on a beloved Christmas figure. Easy enough for anyone to make, you can choose festive colored fabrics or even go with other designs and colors to match the holiday aesthetic at your home. A wonderful display for wintry evenings.

Folded Fabric Pinecone Ornament 

If you’re looking for pretty but easy Christmas crafts, these DIY Folded Fabric Pinecone Ornaments are just the ones for you. Use colorful fabric scraps to make this fun and oh-so-easy DIY craft that adds a vibrant look to your Christmas tree. They even double up as gift toppers.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | Folded Fabric Ornament

Adorable Christmas Gnomes

Invite some little Scandinavian Christmas gnomes over for the holidays. April from Our Real Life shows us how to make these adorable gnomes using a no-sew style and socks. It takes only 30 mins to complete and I just can’t get over how cute they turn out. She has also included a sewing technique in her instruction, so be sure to check that out.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | DIY Gnomes

Christmas Pillows from a Canvas Gift Bag

These surprisingly easy No Sew Christmas Pillows are an affordable and attractive addition to your holiday DIY crafts. They most certainly succeed at giving a regular household item a much needed Christmas makeover!

Nativity Scene Embroidery Wreath that’s No-Sew

Quick and fun, this Embroidery Wreath is a must-try project! I love how it is double-sided – there’s a Nativity Scene on one side and a Thanksgiving theme on the other. There is so much space for creativity with this easy DIY!

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | No Sew Embroidery Hoop

Macrame Christmas Tree

Check out this minimalist and budget-friendly macrame Christmas tree that is a perfect festive addition to your home. Place it on your mantel, make it a wall hanging, or even an ornament. There’s also a fun variation for the kids to try.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | Macrame Tree

4. Wood Christmas Crafts for Adults 

With the trees, wreaths, boughs of holly, and the mistletoe, it’s no denying that the holiday season has a warm, woodsy charm to it. Trying out easy wood Christmas craft ideas is one of my favorite DIY undertakings because not only is it the perfect recreational activity but it also brings out the rustic history of Christmas. Remember Christ’s humble beginnings in the manger? Check out these top DIYs, perfect easy Christmas crafts for adults.

Tabletop Christmas Tree

We created this Buffalo Check Christmas Tree using plywood and made the checkered pattern with just acrylic paint and tape (it’s super easy to make). It turned out so cute and festive. Check out the easy, detailed instructions or the video tutorial to make your own wooden tree.

Rustic Wood Reindeer Family

Make Rudolph and his reindeer family a part of your yuletide evenings. Michelle from A Crafty Mix makes these cute reindeers using pallet wood and nails. They add a homely touch, and you can use them all year or doll them up in festive paints for Christmas.

Scrap Wood Mitten Ornaments

This DIY Wood Mitten Ornament is an easy Christmas craft for the whole family. While the adults can saw & cut out the wood, the kids can sand and paint them. Nothing like creating an adorable DIY for an afternoon of family fun!

String Art Nativity Scene

What’s Christmas without the Nativity scene? I made this one using DIY string art, and it turned out to be a fun and calming project. This was my first time with string art – trust me, you don’t need any fancy skills! I’ve included the tutorial as well as steps to avoid, so go ahead and get started on your string art nativity scene.

5. Homemade from Nature Holiday Crafts:

I love a good nature-inspired Christmas craft.  They’re fun and easy for the whole family while saving money on the material at the same time. They have a way of bringing a homely cozy feel to the holidays! So head out to your yard, gather your materials and let’s get started.

DIY Orange & Cinnamon Garland

I am loving this Dried Orange, Cinnamon, and Pine Garland by Elizabeth. It’s easy to make, budget-friendly adds an elegant pop of color, and floods the house with a wonderful smell.

Amazing Sage Wreath

This DIY Sage Wreath by This Healthy Table looks amazing and smells great too. It takes 15 mins to pin the leaves together and adds a rich minty aroma when placed indoors. You can add a ribbon or any other adornments to spruce your wreath up!

Gorgeous Seashell Ornaments

Have you been collecting seashells over the years? Turn them into DIY ornaments for your Christmas tree.  Check out the given instructions to make this easy Christmas craft with just seashells, tissue paper, and glitter for some sparkle.

Twig Chandelier

Craft Invaders made this quirky yet beautiful chandelier using twigs that fits in perfectly with any rustic Christmas aesthetic. It just requires a few fallen twigs, glass baubles, crystals, and your creative touch.

6. Paper Crafts for Adults to Make

If we’re talking about easy Christmas crafts for adults to make, how could we ever forget to include paper crafts? They are just as easy and effortless to make as they are cute when they’re all done! Plus, they cost next to nothing and can be crafted into mantelpieces, ornaments and so much more.

Origami Angel Tree Topper

Bring a holiday twist to those origami skills with this Origami Angel to top your Christmas Tree. It looks so elegant and graceful, and all it really needs is paper! Check out the video tutorial on how to get this Angel crafted right.

Paper Bag Snowflake Decor

Hope you haven’t thrown out those grocery store paper bags because this DIY tutorial transforms them into pretty little home decor pieces for the holidays. Stacy Ling made these thrifty and chic Snowflakes from Paper Bags with just glue, scissors, and tape. She even mentions key DOs and DONTs so that you can avoid some common mistakes with this otherwise easy craft. 

Easy Christmas Crafts for Adults | Paper Bag Snowflakes

BONUS DIY: One Last Creative Christmas Craft

Okay, this one is way too adorable to not have included in my easy Christmas crafts for adults list. It has just the right amount of festive and cozy vibes – much like the Holiday season! 

Although this miniature Christmas in a Book Nook by A Crafty Mix seems complex, it is quite easy to make and guarantees a lot of fun! You can even add tiny fairy lights to brighten up the corner.

Get the family together for this one and add your own little spin to this Christmas scene. I can’t wait to try it out!

So there you have it. This list shows that you can make easy Christmas crafts out of almost anything – if you let your creativity run wild!

Easy Christmas Crafts FAQs

Perhaps you still have some questions on your mind, such as:

I’ve never made anything homemade before? Would I be able to make these homemade Christmas items?

Absolutely. This list of easy Christmas crafts for adults has a little something for everyone – from beginners to expert DIY enthusiasts. Plus, each blog has elaborate instructions that will help you craft the perfect DIY holiday memento. So, if you haven’t yet made your own homemade Christmas items, get started with this list. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the adorable things you make, and the process of DIY-ing too!

What crafts are trending for Christmas 2021?

The biggest Christmas trend this year is rustic, homemade looks. Eco-friendly crafts are also making a huge splash as people are turning to sustainable ideas for the holiday season. There is also an apparent shift to natural, green decor like home-picked foliage, woodwork DIYs, wreaths from unique leaves, and more.

What Christmas crafts could I make and sell?

The list is endless. Add a creative personalization to the above DIYs and you could sell your own homemade ornaments, Christmas wreaths, crafty mason jars with baked goods, bejeweled decor, holiday pillows, wall hangings and so much more. 

Putting together this list has given me so many ideas to try out for Christmas 2021. 

If these crafts have inspired you to create your own homemade DIYs, do let me know in the comments below. I would love to see how they turn out! 🙂

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