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10 Ridiculously Easy DIYs for Your Home

Did you know that you can transform a room in your home using just your craft skills? 

You don’t even need to have a big budget.

There are so many things that you can make yourself that can completely make over a room. 

Here are 10 ridiculously easy DIY projects for your home. They include easy crafts and projects that you can easily do. 

Use Stencils

You can use stencils anywhere – on large-scale projects or small-scale DIYs. Stenciling a wall is super simple – it just takes time and patience, but you don’t need any special skills.

A great pattern on a wall or piece of furniture can completely update the look of a room, by adding color and texture. It’s definitely an easy home decorating idea. 

Easy DIYs for walls - stencils
Stenciled nursery wall of hearts

Here are a few ideas for stenciling:

  • Stencil an accent wall
  • Stencil a room to look like fancy wallpaper (see below pic)
  • Stencil over a tile floor (or any kind of tile)
  • Stencil a pillow cover to make a thrifty accent pillow
  • Stencil a wooden sign. Have the home improvement store cut your wood – or look for pieces of wood the size you need, e.g. a fence post
  • Stencil furniture,  such as drawer fronts, a tabletop, barstools, or inside of drawers.
  • Buy plain fabric and use stencils to make a gorgeous curtain
Mudroom entryway cubby shelves with drawers, lockers, and baskets. DIY drawers and shiplap
Two-color stencil in entryway

DIY Artwork

If you’re wondering what you can make for your room, make your own wall art.

Even if you aren’t an artist. There are so many ways you can DIY your own art. This is also a great option for cheap artwork and a perfect solution for awkwardly large spaces above couches or beds.

Using a world map stencil to create DIY wooden wall art canvases
Three-piece wall art made from a stencil and acrylics

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Buy canvas from the craft store and either stencil or use wall decals to create cool pictures (see below pic).
  • Make alphabet letters with cardboard, foam, or wood, and then paint them
  • String art is another fun option
  • Use decals directly on your wall – you can use shapes like a wall of stars or dots.
  • Make an easy abstract painting with paint and canvas
Using Wall Stickers to Create Cool Wall Art
DIY wall art from decals and canvas

Make Your Own Rug

Rugs are awesome because they are an easy way to bring color into a room. The problem is they are so expensive for even a small piece.

I bet you didn’t know that you can easily DIY your own rug. My grandma used to make braided wool rugs and they are beautiful – and last forever.

  • Make a rag rug with a runner and fabric
  • Make a felt rug (use coarse felt) for kids reading corners
  • Make a wool rug with old sweaters

Redo a Piece of Furniture

An easy way to update the look of a room is to redo a piece of furniture in it. This is a fun way to make old furniture look more modern, colorful, or fun.

Don’t forget about the hardware. New (or updated) hardware is an easy way to bring new life into an old piece.

My favorite furniture paint is milk paint – and you don’t even have to sand. Just clean off your piece and start painting.

If you’ve never painted before, definitely check out a few tutorials before starting so you feel comfortable.

How to transform old furniture with milk paint
You won’t believe the before on this milk-painted dresser!

Rearrange the Room

This is one of my favorite ways to bring freshness into a room. When an arrangement is no longer functional for your family or you just need a change, start moving things around.

I just rearranged my family room – and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I opened up the window area, bringing in more light, and sectioned off the room with a couch. I finally mounted my TV up high, so I no longer need to tell the kids they are too close to the television.

When you’re thinking about your room, use your crafty eye to bring in a creative configuration, but remember function too.

Add a Little Flair with Patterns or Paint

Incorporate some patterns, colors, or paints that would add a little flair to the room. From pretty wallpaper accents to using painter’s tape for a DIY pattern, here are a few ways to add some fun elements to your room.

  • Add fun wallpaper (or card stock with mod podge) to the back of bookshelves or the sides of drawers.
  • Frame some patterned paper that you love in a shadow box with a few other crafty things or knick-knacks.
  • Use chalkboard paint in playrooms, craft rooms, or kids’ rooms. Paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint or the side of the dresser.
  • Use painter’s tape on an accent wall or a piece of furniture for geometric creativity. You can arrange the formation to make a herringbone pattern or a subway tile pattern. 
Patterned paper placed in the background of simple shelves

Make or embellish pillows or throw blankets.

Even if you aren’t great at sewing, there are so many easy ways to make a simple pillow.

You can skip stuffing the pillow and use an existing pillow. Make a simple cover with cloth napkins or leftover fabric.

Also, you can embellish existing pillows or blankets with crafty items like pom-poms, fabric, or buttons. 

Find home décor pieces you like and DIY them.

When out shopping, when you see home décor items that are so expensive, think about how you could make them yourself.

I saw a clock that I loved (going for $80) and make my own version for $12. If you see a wooden sign that you like, DIY it! It’s cheaper, more fun, and you’ll amaze yourself.

My next home decor piece will be a shiplap clock I’ve been eyeing, so I’ll be making that next (painting faux lines for the shiplap). Be creative and you’ll love the outcome.

DIY wooden chalkboard style wall clock
DIY chalkboard clock – total cost was $12!

Paint old picture frames to update them.

A few years back I was making a gallery wall and was two picture frames short.

I found perfect frames but they were the wrong color.

Wanting to finish the gallery wall quickly, I took them out back and spray painted them to match the others. No one can even tell which pictures in the gallery were spray paints.

Styles and colors are so quick to change, so instead of replacing your old frames, paint them. You can even get creative and paint a pattern, such as buffalo check, or a style, such as shiplap. 

7 Easy DIYs for Your Walls

Transform a good find

Thrift shops and flea markets are gold mines these days.

Take advantage and find a few gems for yourself and fix them up.

Whether you give it a new coat of paint or upcycle it into something else, someone’s trash is definitely someone else’s treasure. 

I’m sure you’ll be so thrilled with your thrifty refurbished item.

Your Turn!

Pick a room in your home that needs a little updating. Choose one of the DIYs on this list and get started!

Need a little more help? Check out my workbook for making over a room.

I hope these 10 easy DIY projects for your home help you bring more happiness into your home. 


  1. So many great ideas here, Eileen! I love up cycling thrift store finds, and I’m always seeing things that make me think, “I could totally make that!” I also love rearranging. My husband often comes home only to be surprised by a new arrangement of furniture somewhere. Ha!

    1. Ha thanks Amy! Me too- except my hubs normally comes home in the middle of it and wonders what i got myself into LOL

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