Fixin Furniture

Easy DIY TV Tray Table Makeover

Today I’m sharing an upcycled thrift store find – how I turned a TV table and a checkerboard game into an easy end table. This was a super simple project with a fun transformation. It’s our monthly challenge day! Each month a group of talented DIY bloggers and I all work on projects with the…
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How to shorten a tall dresser

How to Shorten a Tall Dresser

My wife is always coming home with new furniture – chairs, dressers, nightstands, tables. She loves to redo them, and they always turn out really nice. Recently Eileen’s aunt and uncle gave her an old dresser from when her uncle was quite little. The dresser needed a little TLC, and so we had a plan…
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Build a wall-mounted hook rack for your entryway organization

How to Make a Simple DIY Hook Rack

There’s one room in my house that just drives me nuts. No organization, nothing pretty about it, and it’s not functional for our family. This room – our mudroom – needs a complete overhaul. I mean knocking down a few walls, fresh flooring, wall paint, and a complete rearrangement. It seems like such a big…
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Top Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Furniture

Why You Should Build Your Own Furniture

Whether you are an amateur or experienced woodworker, Paul from Woodwork Boss is sharing 9 amazing reasons you should build your own furniture. There are lots of benefits to making your own furniture, and I’m sure you’ll be ready to build by the end of the article. 🙂 Woodworking certainly is a handy skill. From small…
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How to Make DIY Drawers with Custom Handles for your Workspace

How to Build Pull-Out Drawers & Custom Handles

Learn how to make simple DIY drawers with this easy tutorial. Not only does Ash share how he constructed the homemade drawers but he also explains how to make custom handles, for just 15 cents each. He also includes a handy video, showing the building process.
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Make These Picture Ledges for Under $10

Too many picture frames lying around? Or not enough pictures of your family up on the walls? Build an easy, do-it-yourself picture ledge. Each shelf was less than $10 to make and looks quite elegant.
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Converting a CD Tower into a Pantry Shelf

Looking for ways to create more space in your pantry? Love to repurpose old items? Check out how Ash converted an old CD tower into a built-in pantry shelf. The process was simple, and it didn’t cost a penny.
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DIY Picnic Table that you can build in a day!

Building a Picnic Table in One Day

Looking to add some seating to your next barbecue? Ash shares how he built this homemade picnic table in just one day! Not only does he provide step-by-step details but a few money-saving tips.
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Refinishing Furniture - Telephone Table & Gel Stain

Refinishing an Old Telephone Table

Have a knack for buying old furniture? Not sure how to refinish it? Eileen shares how she and Ash worked together to give this old, weathered telephone table new life, from sanding techniques to stain specifics.
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How to Transform Thrift Store Chairs

Fixing up old chairs is easier than you think! It only takes spray paint and new fabric. Eileen shares how she fixed up a few flea market finds, that are now household favorites, including a $10 ice cream chair.
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