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Here’s how to collect rainwater: Ultimate guide to rainwater harvesting

If you are thinking about collecting rainwater, here’s the ultimate guide to rain harvesting systems. What is Rainwater Collection? Rainwater collection, rainwater harvesting, rainwater catchment, and roof water collection all pretty much mean the same thing. It’s a process where rainwater is captured, diverted, collected, and stored for later use.  Carried out to obtain an…
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4 Creative Ways to Collect Rainwater without a Gutter

Here are four creative ways that you can collect rainwater without a gutter close by. These ideas and tips can save time and money! Be sure to also check out our posts on building a self-watering bed and building a backyard greenhouse! Collecting rainwater is nothing new, and we have our ancestors to thank for…
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DIY Self-Watering Garden Bed

​​7 Things to Know Before Building a Self-Watering Garden Bed

Summer is upon us! And that means it’s time to experiment with new plants and planting methods in your garden. Whether you’re just getting started or have been DIY-ing for a while, this season is the perfect time to try the latest DIY trend that’s been making the rounds. Self-watering garden beds are the talk of the town, and DIY sub-irrigated planters…
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DIY Backyard Greenhouse

Building a Backyard Greenhouse: 9 Things To Know Before Starting

With spring just around the corner, getting a hold of some fresh seasonal produce is always on our minds. So, we thought why not try growing some ourselves? Planning what seeds to get, when to plant them, and waiting to see the results are the best parts of growing your own fruits, veggies, and spices. But dealing with the finicky weather? That’s where…
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How to Make Solar Power Outdoor Lights

Here’s how to make solar-powered outdoor lights connected to a post in your backyard. A few years back, we installed a sun shade sail in our backyard. We love having the shade (check out the sun shade sail DIY), but we always wanted to turn the wooden posts into something more. I am fascinated with…
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How to Build Easy Ramps and Steps for the Backyard Shed

How to Build Ramps, Steps, and Custom Doors for a DIY Shed

Almost any shed can benefit from a ramp and steps. Such is the case with my DIY shed. If you’ve been following along with me as I built my shed from scratch, my storage shed plans included a spot for both steps and a ramp. If you missed my previous posts, check out my Shed…
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How to Build Geometric Wooden Planters that Fit Terracotta Planters

How to Build a Hexagon DIY Planter Box

One of Ash’s favorite meals is a simple pot of rice and beans – but he gives it a little kick with a hot pepper called a wiri wiri pepper. It’s a Caribbean hot pepper, so it’s hard to find around here. Luckily, Ash’s mom had a plant to give him. She was happy to…
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How to make a DIY planter box for your garden

Making a DIY Planter Box for the Garden

With the weather warming up, it’s time to start planning for spring! Learn how to make your own raised planter box with this easy tutorial, along with our tips and tricks. It’s perfect for raised organic gardening.
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DIY Utility Trailer Cart

How to Make a DIY Yard Utility Cart

Ash shares the details of how he built this custom wagon for his riding mower. He carefully explains everything from basic construction to assembling the axles to hooking up the hitch connection.
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How to Build a Wooden Walkway for the Backyard

Thinking about tackling a wooden pathway project? It’s easier than you think. With just a few hours of work, Ash created a perfect path from his patio into the backyard. Not only was it a quick fix, but it’s one of our most functional.
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How to DIY a Stone Walkway for the Backyard

How to Easily Make a Beautiful Stone Walkway

Looking to install a pathway? Ash shares how they connected their patio to their detached deck. After a lot of digging and carrying bags of stones, they have a beautiful, functional pathway that spruced up their backyard.
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