30+ Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Adults & Kids

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and with it comes the opportunity to get crafty! DIY-ing opens up a host of possibilities. Not only do you save on purchases, but you also get to try your hand at making something personalized and special for your special someone. That’s why we’ve put together the best ever list of Valentine’s Day crafts and decorations.
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How to Make a Giant Jigsaw Puzzle - Perfect Yard Game

How to Make an Oversized Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Looking for a fun DIY project to work on? If you have some wooden boards lying around and a saw, here’s a one-hour project that’s sure to be a puzzling hit with the kids.   For our little one’s recent birthday, Eileen and I decided to throw a puzzle theme party.  We had the idea…
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Throwing an Amazing Puzzle Theme Party

When deciding what kind of birthday party to have for our toddler, I was stumped. He wasn’t really into too many cartoon characters. He did enjoy tools, dinosaurs, and building – but none were a huge interest right now. I started to think about how he spent most of his playtime and realized how often…
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How to Make Easy Fall Puppets (With a Puppet Theater)

I was sitting with my toddler the day after his birthday, surrounded by all kinds of new gifts. But what was he playing with? An empty cardboard box that previously housed one of his new toys. All these new toys, and he’s playing with the boxes and wrapping. Every time we have an empty box…
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How to Make a Box Kite from Scratch

How to Make an Amazing Box Kite from Scratch

There are few things more thrilling on a windy day than flying a nice kite that you built yourself. But, I’m not talking about ready-to-go kits that you snap together in 10 minutes. I’m referring to designing and building it yourself from scratch. There’s so much satisfaction from watching your homemade handiwork take flight in…
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Using Wall Stickers to Create Cool Wall Art

Easy DIY Wall Art for Kids Rooms

Looking to inexpensively decorate your kids’ rooms? Make DIY wall art for kids rooms by following this simple tutorial. With wall stickers, canvases, and a few other items, you’ll be saving money while creating something special for kids’ rooms.
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How to Make Tissue Paper Suncatchers - Easy Kids Craft

How to Make Tissue Paper Suncatchers

Looking for an easy, fun craft to do with kids? Make homemade suncatchers with contact paper and tissue paper. The materials are simple and the results are awesome. It’s the perfect activity for kids of all ages.
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Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Fun Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Thinking about a fun, easy Valentines activity for kids? Or something sweet to do for your significant other? Make them a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt – it’s a free, thoughtful, and fun activity.
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Easy Thank You Cards for Kids to Make

With the holidays over, it’s about that time to start writing thank you notes. Here are a few sweet card ideas that are thoughtfully homemade and simple for kids of all ages to make.
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Fun Fall Turkey Craft for Toddlers 

Looking for a fun fall craft? Make this adorable paper bag turkey puppet in no time with materials found in your home. It teaches color-matching, color-sorting, and can be adapted to include reading and writing.
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How to Make a Homemade Hopscotch Mat

How to Make a DIY Hopscotch Mat

Eileen explains how she made a child’s hopscotch mat entirely from felt. She includes free number templates as well as other tips to replicate this DIY mat, which is perfect for a game or a reading carpet.
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