Busy mom? Love crafts? Tired of holiday stress?

This ultimate guide is filled with tips, ideas, activities, and crafty tutorials (for kids and adults!) that will help you bring more creativity into the holiday season.

Are you a busy mom that wants to bring more creativity and joy into the holidays?

Do you love doing simple crafts and festive activities with your kids?

Are you looking for ideas on how to enjoy the holiday season with your family but with less stress?

Do you love being creative and giving your kids opportunities be creative too? Get it now for $15!

Mama’s Creative Guide e-book will help you bring more creativity into the holiday season!

You will receive instant access to over 100 pages of…

What Can I Expect?

  • Ideas for creative family activities that don’t cost a fortune, special things you can make your child, and fun family traditions you can start
  • Holiday decorating tips, ways to stay sane during the holidays, ways to take care of yourself, and tips for keeping your home organized during the holiday rush
  • Craft tutorials for adults (or older kids)
  • Craft tutorials for kids
  • Homemade card-making ideas (from babies to adults!)
  • Creative gift ideas (including cute homemade gift baskets)
  • Best holiday books for kids paired with crafts/activities
  • Printables and templates for crafts and activities

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the crafts hard to make?

Not at all. The crafts are super simple to make and turn out really cute! From my school teaching days, I know how to keep crafts and activities simple and controlled while making some pretty cool things. All of these crafts are very easy to make (and the instructions are easy to follow).

Is this book a general guide to surviving the holiday season?

While I include tips and tricks to surviving the holiday season (including taking care of yourself), the main focus is on being creative during the holidays.

What holidays does the book focus on?

Most of the crafts are general Christmas crafts, but they can be altered for any holiday. For example, there is Christmas tree garland, but the shape could be altered to a star or snowflake. There is also one Thanksgiving craft.

Do you have to have kids to enjoy the book?

While the book does focus on kids and family, you don’t have to be a mom or dad to enjoy the book. The craft tutorials can be made by anyone. There are more than seven craft tutorials for grown-ups. The kids craft ideas are perfect to make with nieces or nephews or with students. There are also a lot of fun family ideas that anyone can enjoy.

Meet the Author

I’m a fellow mama, wife, crafter, and former public school teacher. I love being creative in everyday life, and I love to make others’ day a little brighter. You’ll see that a lot of my crafts and ideas are simple but give you (and your little ones) opportunities to be creative.

The holidays are such a beautiful and special time; however, often the beauty and fun gets lost with all the busyness and stress. The purpose of this book is to help bring creativity back into the holidays. It will hopefully encourage you to slow down, cut some things out, and give you motivation and ideas to be creative.  

I’ve had so many mamas tell me they don’t enjoy crafting with kids. Most of the time the crafts were too complex for their kids or it just ended in a glitter mess. The crafts and activities in this book are simple and turn out so nice! I even give tips and tricks to accommodate younger or older kids. My experience as a public school teacher really helped me with this. Any mom or child can craft – and the crafts and activities in this book are a great place to start.