Outdoor Projects

Detailed project tutorials on all kinds of outdoor home projects.

From installing a shade sail to preserving water with a rain barrel to building an entire shed from the ground up, you’ll find tons of outdoor DIY projects.

Backyard Projects

From solar power outdoor lights to building screen doors to building a backyard shed, you’ll find some amazing outdoor projects.

Gardening DIYs

From DIY rain barrels to all kinds of planters to walkways and pathways, here you’ll find DIY projects that will help with gardening and landscaping.

Curb Appeal

From fixing up your mailbox to adding porch railings, here are a few outdoor DIYs that will help with your home’s curb appeal.


When DIYing you need enough space for your projects. Here are ideas for creative garage storage spaces, like our folding DIY workbench.


Owning a home can come with a great deal of home maintenance – here are a few DIYs that might help you around the house.

Listed above are all of our DIY outdoor projects organized by category. Each DIY project tutorial includes detailed steps, so you can easily build them too.

How to Make Solar Power Outdoor Lights

I’ve always been fascinated with solar power. We had two shade sail posts in our backyard and figured out how to use them as solar power lighting.

How to Build a Wooden Walkway for the Backyard

Here’s how to make a boardwalk pathway in your yard. Perfect for leading into a garden!

How to Install an Easy Sun Shade Sail

Here’s how to install a sun shade sail in your yard, including how to install the wooden shade sail posts with this easy-to-follow tutorial!

How to Build a DIY Water and Sand Table

Build your own DIY water and sand table with interchangeable bins with lids! The whole project can be made from 2x4s – perfect for kids!

How to Build a Shed from Scratch

Learn how to build a shed from the ground up with this easy tutorial.

A few of our favorite outdoor DIY projects are how we made a DIY rain barrel to save water, how we built a raised planter box for the garden, and how we built a picnic table in one day!

Home Improvement

All kinds of DIY home improvement projects – from kitchen upgrades to building shelves and storage to complete room transformations.

Crafty DIY Projects

Lots of crafty DIY projects – from DIY home decor to wall art to kids crafts and room ideas to holiday gifts and craft projects.

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