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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell Quickly

Wondering how to sell your home in less than a week? From decluttering to staging to small home repairs, check out this list of proven methods on how to sell your home quickly.

I had four minutes to get my labradoodle, my 9-month-old, and my husband out of the house before the next showing.

I scurried around wiping down the sinks one last time, wiping bagel crumbs off the otherwise sparkling counter, and hiding the dirty laundry in the washer.

My heart was racing as I collected the diaper bag, snack bag, and dog bag (how are there always so many bags?!).

Just as I heard voices approach the front door, we escaped out through the garage with the baby, dog, and all the bags.

It was a mad dash. A sweaty, mad dash.

We knew that we had to sell this house quickly because we couldn’t handle leaving the house like that over and over again.

It was too much.

Thank goodness that we had done a great deal of preparation ahead of time, in order to ensure that our home sold quickly.

I had the goal of figuring out how to sell our house in 7 days. 

And guess what?!

We did it!

Our home sold four days after it went on the market after a weekend of showings. So, we had a few more mad dashes!

​Since our goal was to sell our home in a week, we were thrilled after it sold in four days.

Getting house ready to sell checklistHow to Sell Your Home Quickly

These five tried and proven tips for how to get your house ready to sell are amazing and helped to sell our home in no time.

These ways to sell your home quickly will definitely have you on your way to signing papers 🙂

Here’s exactly what we did that worked amazing for us.

1. Pack, Pack, Pack

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, our number one recommendation is to pack up two-thirds of your things.

It sounds like a lot – but you will be packing up anyway, and I assure you that your home will sell more quickly.

With our home, we had a lot of things. Our walls were covered with pictures, there was furniture everywhere, closets were stuffed to the brim, not to mention all of the baby things.

We needed to empty out to make our home look more spacious, depersonalize, and properly stage it in order to sell our home quickly.

Packing can be really overwhelming, so read on to see exactly how we packed up our home, in order to get your home ready to quickly sell.

Where should I put everything I pack up?

We were lucky enough to have a full-size attic above our townhome. We had to climb up a somewhat wobbly ladder, but there was so much space up there.

If you don’t have an attic, maybe if you have family or friends in the area that could hold some things for you.

If not, rent a storage unit. You can get one for pretty cheap, and it will be well worth it because you’ll sell your home so much more quickly.

Start with the Pictures

​First, I worked on the walls. I took down most of the pictures, leaving a few here and there to stage it. I probably had about 15 picture frames up in the living room.

With these, I took them all down and then rehung up 3 simple pictures symmetrically above the couch.

I did, however, really like the gallery that I had in the kitchen – it looked modern and cool (see below), so I left that as it was, just swapping out the personal photos for scenery photos.

Wall gallery with black and white pictures and modern lightingSimplify Furniture

Next, in keeping with our goal of selling our home in 5 days, beforehand I removed clunky furniture – extra chairs in the corners, extra dressers in the bedroom, and any other kind of filler furniture.

For example, I took everything out of my dining room except for the dining set and the hutch (see the below pictures – don’t mind our pets).

The rooms looked more spacious, less “lived in,” and people could walk around more easily. Emptying out some of the superfluous furniture definitely helps sell your home quickly.

Before and after of decluttering home before putting house on the marketDeclutter Cabinets and Shelves

The next step of project “sell our home quickly” was to start packing up dishes, knick-knacks, extra kitchen gadgets, and smaller picture frames. For instance, our bay window was filled with personal picture frames.

So, I packed them all up and put a plant there instead.

Also, I wanted our cabinets and bookshelves not to look stuffed.

When people look at houses, they open cabinets, closets – everything.

It all needed to look organized and roomy. You don’t want prospective buyers to see a cabinet full of shoved, mismatched Tupperware.

This was around Christmas time, and we ordered a lot from Amazon and Kohl’s (great Black Friday sales!). Every time we got a delivery, I would empty the box of my new purchase and then repack it up with the above items.

We also got a ton of boxes from a local liquor store, but you can also order boxes from Amazon. These moving boxes have great reviews.

It was really efficient for me to pack this way because with a baby that wasn’t sleeping that well, I didn’t have a lot of time other than a few minutes here and there.

Also, packing can seem like a lot of work, but it’s work you have to do anyway. So packing ahead of time gives you a jump start on the work you would have had after you sold your house.

Empty Closets

Next up were our closets, and they were maxed out. We definitely need to pack and organize them to get our house ready to sell. So, I packed most of the things and organized the rest.

For our clothes, I packed up things that were out of season. It was winter, so I packed all of my dresses and summer things.

Our walk-in closet still looked terrible, so I organized all of Ash’s and my clothes in rainbow order.

It’s amazing how much neater and less chaotic this small change made our walk-in look. I love the way things look arranged in rainbow order, and it definitely put us on the path of organizing our chaos to sell our home quickly.

Speaking of packing clothes, did you know they make wardrobe boxes?! They make packing clothes much easier.

Clothing in closet organized by color - tip for staging and sell homesWhat to do with all the baby things?!

As far as the baby things, they were everywhere.

With our plan of wanting to sell quickly, we put as much away as we could. We didn’t use the pack n’ play very often, so we folded that up and put it away.

Because our son was using his bouncer a lot, we found a place for it in the downstairs closet, where we could easily take it in and out without over-stuffing the closet.

Basically, all of the baby things would be put away for showings, other than what was in the upstairs nursery.

Luckily, we had a huge attic and nearby parents to help with the storage.

We also had a few places where we could still put things: we had two couches with storage underneath that held a lot of last-minute things that were laying around.

Packing up beforehand is a critical step in selling your home quickly.

With our house looking less lived in and 2/3 of our stuff packed up, we were definitely on the right path to selling our home quickly. Read on for more ways to sell your home in less than 5 days.

2. ​Make Easy, Manageable Updates 

In the midst of packing up, we also made manageable aesthetic updates in order to sell our home quickly.

You don’t have to be a DIYer to make upgrades, but fixing little things here and there definitely will help you sell your home quickly.

These updates can be little things that you have been meaning to fix before selling your house. Or, they can be quick swaps that make a huge difference.

Replace Simple Items

In wanting to sell our home, we tried to replace simple things around our home that looked dated. For example, we replaced old rusty air vents that were very visible with brand new air vents.

We replaced beat-up switch covers with brand new light switch covers. These are both very inexpensive updates that made a big difference. 

Also, we purchased some items to make our home look more modern. We bought a few old light fixtures that were more modern and replaced these. This is a similar light fixture that we used to replace an old one.

Additionally, we bought a kitchen table that worked with the space better than the clunky one we had before. We knew could take this with us when we moved.

We also repainted some areas. Our kitchen was blue overload, so we did a more gray shade.

These aren’t great pictures – but it shows the changed light fixture, new table, and lighter paint color in the kitchen nook – all small things that made a big difference.

Our realtor even commented how perfect that table was for the small space, without even knowing we had just bought it.

So, take a look around your home and see what simple changes you are comfortable making in order to sell your home quickly.​

Before and after of kitchen nook - staging home to sell quickly in a slow marketFreshen Paint

Prospective buyers have trouble imagining themselves living in a home that needs work, so we wanted to make it look as perfect as possible.

If you have any crazy colors – like a bright red wall that stands out, it might be a good idea to paint it a neutral color.

In our house, I gave the rooms that needed it a fresh coat of paint. I also did a fresh coat on our front door and back door.

Of course, I got a little carried away and repainted the baseboard and chair rails in our downstairs too to make them brighter and fresher.

White painted back door with blue wall - how to get a house ready to sell quicklyEasy Maintenance

I had taken so many pictures off the wall that there was an abundance of nail holes.

Fixing these is not only a nice thing to do for future homeowners but it makes the walls look so much nicer. So, I filled all of the old nail holes and then painted. This is really easy to do with joint compound and paint. 

Then, I filled the gaps between the old crown molding pieces that the previous owners had done. I caulked and painted these. We also fixed up old grout in the bathroom that wasn’t visually pleasing with a little recaulking.

These were all simple things to do – they didn’t cost anything, but it definitely made our home look really nice. All these things definitely helped to sell our home quickly.

Pantry Upgrade

Additionally, Ash put up the French door pantry in the kitchen, which was a quick weekend project. It previously had dingy curtains and looked awful.

I can’t believe we didn’t think of the French doors sooner. They turned a little nook of shelves into a modern-looking pantry.

We loved it so much that we were kicking ourselves for not making this pantry update earlier. We could have enjoyed it so much more. 

Before and after of kitchen pantry update with French doors - small fix to get house ready to sell

You can make yourself go crazy doing all of these things.

Remember you can’t do everything, so be reasonable about the small upgrades that you can make without making yourself go nuts. Any small updates will definitely help.

3. Stage Your Home

As our updates were nearing completion, we started to stage our home in order to sell the house quickly.

This is such an important step in the whole process of selling your home. You want the prospective home buyers to feel like they could live in your space.

And, all of the packing you already did will help you stage because there will be so much less to stage.

Brightening Dim Spaces

In order to make our home shine, we wanted to let as much natural light in as possible.

First, we took down the dark curtains from both our bay windows to let a lot of light in. We left the curtain rods up, but it definitely brightened up the whole downstairs. Natural light is the best.

We put some brighter bulbs in dark spaces, like in our laundry room and kitchen.

We apparently had dim lighting in both areas and hadn’t realized. Our realtor pointed this out (keep reading for more on this), and it made a huge difference.

Arranging & Rearranging

Part of staging your home is arranging furniture.

We rearranged our living room and our bedroom to allow an easy flow of people.

When selling your home, you don’t want prospective home buyers to feel cornered or stuck or trip on a piece of furniture. You want your living areas to feel open.

We also added a few plants to the windowsills. Beautiful greens definitely add a lot to a home.

In selling our home, we arranged all of the shelves neatly.

Already having personal photos removed, there was less to work with.

Therefore, in the nursery – for example, we got creative and printed some Pooh sketches from google and used color-coordinated children’s books to replace some of the personal photos that we took out.

Simple wall shelves with books and pictures in a gray nursery - decluttering to get home ready to sell

Setting Up the Outdoors for Staging

Remember, in selling your home the outside is important to stage too. We put down fresh mulch in our backyard and cleaned up the flower gardens.

Then, we set the chairs up on our deck to look inviting. We had the porch cleanly swept.

In the front yard, we put new solar garden lights for nighttime showings and cleaned up the flower beds too.

And, we put down a colorful carpet and brightly colored pillows in our dingy, old sunroom. New pillows are a great way to stage any room, as you can bring in new colors or accentuate the colors you have.

Indoor outdoor sunroom porch staged to sell home quicklyWhat about the dog?

We hid all evidence of our dog – the dog bed, toy bones, crate – everything! He’s a very clean dog that doesn’t shed, but we wanted to make a good first impression on prospective buyers.

We know this information would be disclosed, but we didn’t want anyone put off from our home during first impressions.

The Best Scent for Staging a Home

Prior to showing, we opened the windows and let the fresh air in. We didn’t bother with any candles or scents or cinnamon in the microwave – just some lemon cleaning products and fresh air.

4. Clean Until Your Home Shines

To sell your home quickly, make everything sparkle. In our home, we wiped down the windows, furniture, counters, the bathrooms, so that they all looked shiny and fresh.

I remember we went to see one house and there were bagel crumbs all over the counter from someone’s breakfast. They reminded me of frantically cleaning before we left for our showings. 

Instead of noticing their kitchen cabinets or view from the window, I was fixated on those bagel crumbs. It just looked sloppy!

Making everything neat and clean is the way to go.

Before the few showings we had, I would get everyone into the car – Ash, our son, and our dog. And, then I would run back in to do a quick look at how we left everything.

In the below picture, you can see the natural light coming in, the spacious areas to walk around, the few pictures on the wall, and the clean, shiny surfaces. (In hindsight, I would have painted that window trims white if I had just a little more time!)

Living room staged to sell your house in 7 days or less5. Use a Great Realtor

Last, we found a great realtor, who most importantly helped us price our house right in order to sell our home quickly.

We spent time with him looking at the competition and the prices they had or were looking for. We also went into a few open houses that were in our own neighborhood, seeing our competition.

Then, we came up with a price that we were comfortable with from the start. We didn’t overprice our home; if a house is overpriced (even with the intent to drop it later), it can deter buyers.

Additionally, before our house went on the market, our realtor suggested some things to make the house more appealing.

The rug in our bedroom needed to be stretched, the roof needed a cleaning, and a few other smaller things – like the rusty vents and brighter lighting that I mentioned above.

This feedback from the realtor helped us to decide what upgrades were needed prior to showing.

Number One Tip for Showings!

When we moved we left all of the gallons of paint that went with the rooms in the house, labeling the cans with the room that they belonged in.

We also made a binder that had all of the work that we had done at the house with the company’s name.

For example, we replaced our kitchen counters with quartz, so we left all of the paperwork (marking out our personal information). If the new owners wanted to add on to the kitchen, they would have the company that we got the quartz from.

We gave this to the new owners on closing, but in hindsight, I wished I had left a binder with all of this information (including paint chips) on the kitchen table for prospective home buyers.

I think it shows that you really took care of your house well – which is something that every home buyer wants when they are buying a home.

Download our home improvement binder for free printables below.

Even if you aren’t selling your house, keeping an organized binder of the updates you’ve made is super helpful just to track all of the home maintenance that you’ve done. And when the time comes to sell your house, you’ll be all ready to go.


Four Days Later…

With all of our hard work, we got great feedback on our house.

We heard it was easy to show and that other realtors wished some of the homes they were selling were staged like this.

Yet most importantly, we had an offer after only one weekend of showing! (And, if we waited one more day before accepting, we would have had another offer too.)

Labradoodle sitting in home stage to sell quickly

Anyway, as a final piece of advice when selling your home, you just have to believe that your hard work will pay off.

There are so many houses on the market that are cluttered, in need of upgrades, and not easy to show.

These tips will set you up for success, helping you to sell your home ASAP. Make sure to follow all of the above tips of what you should do to get your house ready to sell. 

By following these steps, you can easily set your home apart and know exactly how to sell your home quickly – just like we did!

Have questions?! Leave a comment below. 

And definitely let us know if these tips have helped you!

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    1. Aww thanks, Jean! I agree, you have to listen to the experts 🙂 We were all about depersonalizing because we were so determined to sell it quickly. I didn’t want to go through months of showings while taking care of a baby. So we did what we needed to – and it worked out so well 🙂 Thank you for your sweet compliments!

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  49. I like that you mentioned taking some time on your front yard as well as interior of your home. The landscape is the first thing people will see when coming to look. A good first impression can make a big difference.

  50. I agree with all the things listed above especially repainting the walls because it makes your house looks new and clean. Great blog by the way and thanks for sharing!

  51. I really like what you said about how paying attention to your deck, sunroom, backyard, can help you sell your home quicker. We have a household that is comprised of 4 boys. As a result, our outdoors space has been a mess. We are now preparing to sell this property to fund a bigger home, so I will be sure to install new furnishings and tidy up our outdoors for our property to be more enticing to buyers.

  52. Your post got me realize how important it in fact is to pack already before the house is sold. I definitely agree that it makes the house look more spacious and clean, I just hadn’t thought about it before. I’ll definitely bring your tips into use and I hope it helps us to sell our house faster. Huge thanks for this post!

  53. I liked your suggestion to put up a fresh coat of paint. My husband and I have definitely been thinking about doing this ourselves. I think that it will add that extra touch where people can actually imagine themselves living in our home.

  54. I have been meaning to declutter before our big move coming up, but I didn’t know that decluttering could literally make my house sell faster. I must get on top of that clean out so that I can sell my house quicker. Thanks for the tip.

  55. fantastic tips…. it is a right way of selling a house in a market quickly. by using the tips of pack up and clean your house until it shines is excellent. the best realtor selection is very helpful for us. keep it up.

  56. Camille Devaux says:

    I like that you mentioned the importance of cleaning up your home. Making sure that people are seeing the tidiness of the house and space is great for getting buyers interested. My sister might like knowing this as she looks into selling her home.

  57. You’ve got great tips for selling a house. I love how your place sold only four days after being on the market! That’s insane. My wife and I would love to sell our home that quickly, so I’ll remember your tips.

    1. So glad they could help!

  58. Thank you for suggesting that you should pack most of your things before you put the house on the market. My husband and I need to sell our house. I’ll have to look into finding the right real estate agent to help us.

    1. You’re welcome – best of luck!:)

  59. My husband and I want to sell our home before we move. This post offers some great suggestions that sound like it’ll make our home more appealing to buyers. I can see how taking down personal mementos and painting over markings can be beneficial.

    1. So happy to help! Good luck with your house:)

  60. Hi! Great advice! I’m not sure if you mentioned it anywhere in the post or comments, but can you give a rough estimate of how long it took you guys to do all the painting and little repairs around the house, plus packing and staging? We just decided to sell our home yesterday so I’m just getting started, it seems overwhelming and I’m wondering how long it’s going to take before we can actually show our house!

    1. Hey Ashley! Great question. It took us about 3-4 months to do all the DIY projects. We also decided last minute to replace just the countertops in our kitchen. At the time we were new parents with a 6 month old baby and I was nursing around the clock, so our time limited. If you have more time, I’m sure you could get through your list faster! Good luck!!

  61. Great article. As a REALTOR, I will be sharing this read with my clients. They often ask what they should do, I tell them and they forget about half of it. So I will direct them here and let them have the list and tips you’ve mentioned. Thank you!

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