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St. Patrick’s Day DIY Decor in Just 10 Minutes

Make this easy St. Patrick’s Day DIY decor craft to decorate your home. The materials for this craft are simple and you can make it in 10 minutes!

I love decorating for St. Patrick’s Day for so many reasons. First, I’m almost 100% Irish. Second, I love decorating with shades of green.

And third, I feel like St. Patrick’s Day is the beginning of spring. The greens make everything look so happy and vibrant.

The problem is that it’s hard to find St. Patrick’s Day decor that isn’t cheesy looking, so I almost always make my own.

Today, I’m sharing a super easy St. Patrick’s Day DIY project that you can do in just 10 minutes.

Easy St. Patrick's Day Decor - DIY shamrock picture

St. Patrick’s Day DIY Decor Craft

This DIY shamrock picture is very simple to make, and it turns out so pretty! The materials for the St. Patrick’s Day DIY decor craft are listed below – but if you’re a crafter, I’m sure you can find these materials around the house, making this a zero-dollar project. 

Light green shamrock against birch tree background in a framed print - perfect St. Patrick's Day DIY craft decor

Materials for the DIY Shamrock Decor

  • Card Stock  or Scrap Book Paper in patterns you love
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Picture Frame (or you can make one – tutorial coming soon!)

Instructions for the DIY Shamrock Decor

These four simple steps will show you exactly how to make this DIY shamrock picture frame.

Choose your Scrapbook Papers

First, I looked at what materials I could use for the background, and I settled on scrapbook paper. 

I had a book in my collection from my sister’s bridal shower last year. Many of the patterns weren’t touched – and I loved them even more than when I originally bought them.

scrap book paper for DIY shamrock decor

I chose one scrapbook sheet for my background – it was one that looked like a birch tree, and I chose another one for the shamrock. This one was light green. Both sheets of scrapbook paper looked textured but worked well together.

I also tossed around the idea of using fabric for the background, but I liked my scrapbook paper options better than my fabric options. I try not to make extra trips to the store because that takes the fun out of using what you have 🙂

If you choose fabric, then just attach your shamrock with mod podge instead of glue.

Choose a Picture Frame

Next, I looked around the house for a picture frame that would work. I had this simple heart (below) up as decoration for Valentine’s Day, and I loved how the frame was deep and there wasn’t any glass.

I always take the glass out of frames if my pictures are hanging in a place where they constantly glare, or if I’m hanging them in my kids’ rooms. 

Also, I thought about making a simple frame. It would be super simple, so I’ll probably do a tutorial on this soon.

DIY heart picture

Make & Attach Shamrock

After I had chosen my picture frame and my scrapbook paper, I got started on my shamrock. 

How to draw a shamrock?

You can draw a shamrock really easily by just drawing one heart. Then cut out the heart and fold it in half vertically. Trim as necessary, making sure the heart is symmetrical. 

Then, I traced the heart on the back of my background scrapbook paper. Then, I turned the heart sideways and traced it two more times, creating a shamrock. I added a stem, and the shamrock was done. It’s easy to google and print a shamrock.

How to make a shamrock from a heart - DIY St. Patrick's Day decor

Cut your shamrock out. Use a good pair of scissors – it’s worth having a nice pair of scissors for crafty projects rather than your junk drawer scissors.

Making a shamrock craft for DIY St. Patrick's Day decor

Trim Your Background & Attach

Next, you’ll trim your background to fit perfectly inside the picture frame. 

Make sure to measure carefully so you aren’t wasting your scrapbook paper.

DIY St. Patrick's Day craft decor

After that, just glue your shamrock to your scrapbook paper and place it in the frame.

Making a shamrock on a faux white wood background for DIY St. Patrick's Day decor

It’s definitely a very simple St. Patrick’s Day DIY decor craft. The cost of the DIY shamrock decoration was zero dollars because I found all of the materials for this decor craft around my house. I love a DIY where you can use things you have.

DIY St. Patrick's Day decor - framed shamrock print you can make in 10 minutes
Cute St. Patrick's Day ideas - easy DIY wall decor craft

But, the best part is definitely that you can easily remove your shamrock and reuse it for the next holiday.

A bunny would look perfect, wouldn’t it!?

DIY shamrock decor

If you’re looking for another DIY St. Patrick’s Day craft, check out this easy burlap banner.


  1. Great post Eileen,
    I really like this idea.I’m truly excited to make this beautiful shamrock picture frame.

  2. This is so cute! Truthfully, I don’t decorate much for St. Patrick’s Day, but I love the look of this. 🙂 The paper choices are perfect, and I love how easy it was to put together.

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! It’s amazing what you can do with pretty paper:)

  3. This is so cute as an easy DIY for St Patrick’s Day! Thanks for sharing on the Friday at the Fire Station link up. You will be the featured post this week!

  4. Really cool project! It is a great idea for St Patrick’s Day. I think I can follow you but I can’t make it as beautiful as yours

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