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10 Amazing Decor Items You Can DIY for less than $20

Check out these amazing home decor items that you can make yourself for less than $20. 

Home decor items can get pretty expensive.

It’s easy to just avoid buying home decor because just a couple of items can definitely add up.

That’s pretty much what I do.

I have a soft spot for throw blankets and pillows – but anything else I usually fawn over and then talk myself out of it because of the price.

However, one thing I am learning as I lean into this fun little DIY world is that you can DIY so many home decor items. 

Not only will this save money, but you get to be creative – which is an amazing and productive feeling (one of my first home decor projects was this three-piece world wall art which I still adore). 

If you’re looking for DIY home decor ideas or you are looking to save money while decorating, I’ve compiled such a fun collection of home decor that you can DIY.

These projects are amazing! After you see the creativity, you’ll definitely be inspired to create anything.

From gorgeous DIY laundry bins to side tables to bookends, each of the home decor projects cost less than $20 to make and shows you the full step-by-step tutorial on how to make it yourself.

And yes, I definitely should learn to make pillows covers and throws 🙂

Gorgeous Home Decor You Can DIY for less than $20

Looking to decorate your home and save money? Check out these gorgeous home decor creations that were all DIYed for less than $20. Most projects cost around $10 or less.

How inspired are you right now?!

These DIY home decor projects were so creative – and employed the use of so many ingenious things – from the wood plaque lanterns to the laundry basket made with fencing. 

With the holidays around the corner, there are definitely some great gift ideas in there too! It’s hard to find gifts for less than $20, but making one these creative home decor DIYs not only would save money but it would be a special gift for someone. 

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