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7 DIYs You Can Make for Your Walls (In Under Two Hours)

Decorating your walls can be tough sometimes.

There’s so many choices to make – the arrangement, the colors, the size.

What I have found in decorating my walls is to DIY it. You can create custom things for your space, making your wall art exactly the way you want it.

It’s easier and cheaper than buying from the store, and you’ll have so much pride in the fact that you created something beautiful for your home.

Today I am sharing 7 DIY ideas for your walls and guess what? You can make any of these in under 2 hours! So if you are pressed on time (as we all seemed to be these days), if you can set aside just a few hours then you can create any of these beautiful pieces for your walls.

7 DIY Ideas for Your Walls

If you're looking to fill some blank space in your walls and you have two hours of time, check out the below 7 ideas for your walls that you can DIY yourself in just under two hours. From pretty wall art to framed out mirrors to window cornices, these creative ideas will get your wheels spinning.

So many great ideas, rights?! So put down that phone, set aside two hours, and pick your favorite to do! In no time, you’ll have a beautiful DIY piece for your home.

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