Wooden Christmas star with ribbon and greenery ready to hang on the door
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How to Make an Amazingly Simple Wooden Christmas Star

There’s something about Christmas that makes me so happy.

I love coming down the stairs on a December morning, and seeing the room warmly lit with the glow from the Christmas tree. I haven’t heard a Christmas carol that I didn’t like, and don’t even get me started on those Hallmark Christmas movies. 🙂

Needless to say, Christmas is my favorite.

Here’s my door decor project which will show you how to make a simple wooden Christmas star for your door. This project cost a whoopin’ zero bucks because they were all items I collected from around our workshop and craft room.

Wooden Christmas star stained and waxed and decorated

How to Make a Simple Wooden Christmas Star

The below instructions will show you how to make this easy holiday star.

Materials for the Wooden Star

The star itself is made just with ribbon, plywood, and greens. However, I did stain and wax the star, too. Check out the materials below.

Optional – Jingle Bells or other fun accessories.

Tools Needed for the Wooden Star

Easy wooden Christmas star tutorial

Draw out the Star

The first thing I did was grab a piece of scrap plywood from the garage, and I drew out a star. I didn’t want a perfect star, but one that had character – so I intentionally exaggerated some of the points.

Cut out the Star

Once I was happy with it, I used my scroll saw to cut it out.

Using the scroll saw to cut a wooden Christmas star

If you haven’t used a scroll saw yet, ohmygosh, you are missing out! It’s super cool and super easy to use. It’s kind of like a sewing machine, but with a little blade instead. The cuts take a little practice, but it’s definitely a low-pressure tool.

After I cut it out, I rounded over the edges with a light sanding from my orbital sander. This made the star splinter free and easy to handle.

DIY wooden Christmas star to hang on the door

Stain & Seal the Star

Next, I stained the star with a homemade stain mix. I love making my own stain, and you won’t believe the materials I used. 🙂

Using homemade wood stain on a DIY wooden Christmas star

After staining and letting it dry a while, I sealed it with beeswax that Old Fashioned Milk Paint provided when we did our mudroom makeover. I like to use all natural ingredients, so you won’t find many chemicals here.

Decorate the Star

Now, for my second favorite part (first favorite part was the scroll saw). I took out my Christmas ribbon collection and starting looking for the perfect one.

I’ve bought all of my Christmas ribbon from Michael’s 70% off last year, during the Black Friday sales. I didn’t have any projects in mind, but rather I gravitated toward the ribbon I loved and saved them for the rainy day 🙂 That’s one of the best ways to save money with DIYs and it saves trips to the store later on.

After I chose my ribbon, I started looking for greenery. I didn’t have any of my Christmas decorations out yet, and although they are labeled and stored in a pretty easy spot, I only had 10 minutes before I had to start to dinner. So I grabbed a Christmas wreath that was easier to reach and clipped a few pieces of greenery from the back.

Not yet happy with the results, a tree outside grabbed my eye, and next thing I know, I was clipping off some greens.

Arranging greenery onto a wooden Christmas tree star

So there you have it, a mix of real and artificial greenery, tied with a thrifty yet gorgeous ribbon.

I was so pleased with the results and I still had a few minutes to spare before starting dinner. 🙂

Wooden Christmas star with ribbon and greenery ready to hang on the door

Adding the Hanging Hardware

I keep a few frame hanging kits in the garage for hanging all types of things on the wall.  They are very useful to have handy.  I opted to use two mini eyehole screws and frame hanging wire.

How to add hanging hardware to the back of a wooden Christmas star

I was pretty pleased with how the star turned out. Not only did I not spend a dime, but now I had a homemade Christmas star that I love to add to my holiday collection.

It’s fun when you find decor that you love in the store, but it’s a pretty amazing feeling when you made it yourself.

DIY wooden star on front door
Simply DIY Christmas star hanging on the door
Making a simple holiday star out of wood, ribbon, and greenery


  1. Love that you cut the star out yourself – it makes it so unique! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Laura 🙂 It was fun to make!

    1. Haha yes, me too, Betsy! Aww thank you so much 🙂

  2. This star is so fun, I love using my jigsaw and just remembered I bought my husband a beginner-priced band saw for Christmas many ears ago that’s tucked away in a cabinet. I need to get it out so I can easily make some cool projects like your star. The addition of the greenery and ribbon make it really beautiful!

    1. Ohhh the bandsaw sounds fun 🙂 Thank you so much for your compliments, Toni 🙂

  3. I am super into new shapes for holiday door decor this year! This star is gorgeous. This would be especially chic to hang on a set of double doors- like one on each. Just lovely! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much, Christine! Ohhh the double stars sounds like a fun idea 🙂

    1. Me tooo!! Thanks so much, Kenya 🙂

  4. Stars are by far my favorite shape and using it as a Christmas wreath is BRILLIANT!! I still can’t believe it was $0 to boot!

    1. Awww thank you so much, LIdia!! Your sweet compliments made me smile 🙂 I love a $0 price tag!

    1. Thanks Jessica!! Great idea – would love to see 🙂

  5. Your star is beautiful and I really like that ribbon. I like to stock up after holidays too, you never know what you are going to use it for the following year

    1. Thank you!! Yes, totally! I got my second 9ft Christmas at walmart for $40 after Christmas one year! Although some years I have to stay away from the stores after Christmas sales because I go too nuts 🙂

  6. I love the simplicity of this Eileen! And it could stay up through January!

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! Good idea 🙂

    1. yes, yes do it!! It’s really fun!! Black Friday is coming up…. 🙂

  7. I love your star, Eileen! And you can’t beat the price tag on that one! I, too, love scooping things up at 70% off after the season and figuring out how to use them later. 🙂

  8. LOVE the wooden star idea, I want one for my front door!!!

  9. I LOVE how this turned out and am amazed that you made this yourself! Awesome job!

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