DIY Home Maintenance

The following projects will help you with your DIY home maintenance projects.

Even though other projects can be much more fun (like creating this dream room), every now and then, there’s a maintenance project that needs to be completed.

We’ve included full tutorials on lawn mower maintenance, snow blower maintenance, and how to install a garage exhaust fan.

We hope these home maintenance projects help you!

How to Fix Up Your Old Snowblower

Whether your snowblower needs some regular maintanence or you’re looking to buy and repair a used machine, these steps will have your snowblower running better than ever – with very little time or cost.
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How to Fix Up an Old Lawn Mower

From basic troubleshooting to general maintenance, Ash shares how he revived his 20-year old riding mower. Follow his simple check list to get your mower up to speed in no time.
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