DIY Sand and Water Table from 2x4s

10 DIY Projects You Can Build with 2x4s

In this post, you’ll find 10 amazing projects that you can make using 2x4s. Ever wondered what you can build with 2x4s?  2x4s are a cheap wood, and you can build a lot of simple things with them quite easily. We’ve used 2x4s for tons of projects including garage shelving towers, workbenches, and most recently…
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How to Build a DIY Water and Sand Table from 2x4s

See how to build your own DIY water and sand table with interchangeable bins with lids! The best part is the whole sensory table can be made from 2x4s. Every year we have backyard parties for our kids’ birthday parties. Eileen plans tons of themed games and ties all of the yard toys into the…
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Everything You Want to Know About Sun Shade Sails

A sun shade sail is a large fabric canopy that is suspended in the air for shade in outdoor areas. It’s a thrifty solution for enjoying your outdoor space without worrying about the sun and its heat. This article will tell you everything you need to know about shade sails. If you are looking for…
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How to Make Solar Power Outdoor Lights

A few years back, we installed a sun shade sail in our backyard. We love having the shade (check out the sun shade sail DIY), but we always wanted to turn the wooden posts into something more. I’ve always been fascinated with solar power, for the environmental benefits and it’s a direction to move off…
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How to make a wooden screen door instructions

How to Build a DIY Screen Door

For some reason, flies love to hang around in our garage.   As annoying as they are in the garage, they are even worse if they make it inside the house. I finally got tired of chasing after flies in the house and decided to install a screen door leading into the garage. Now, in…
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How to Build Easy Ramps and Steps for the Backyard Shed

How to Build Ramps, Steps, and Custom Doors for a DIY Shed

Almost any shed can benefit from a ramp and steps. Such is the case with my DIY shed. If you’ve been following along with me as I built my shed from scratch, my storage shed plans included a spot for both steps and a ramp. If you missed my previous posts, check out my Shed…
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How to make a DIY planter box for your garden

Making a DIY Planter Box for the Garden

With the weather warming up, it’s time to start planning for spring! Learn how to make your own raised planter box with this easy tutorial, along with our tips and tricks. It’s perfect for raised organic gardening.
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Installing a Shade Sail for the Patio

To give their backyard patio some summer shade, Ash attached a modern shade sail to the house using two wooden posts. Here he shares his experience including an uphill battle with a 500-pound rock.
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DIY Utility Trailer Cart

How to Make a DIY Yard Utility Cart

Ash shares the details of how he built this custom wagon for his riding mower. He carefully explains everything from basic construction to assembling the axles to hooking up the hitch connection.
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DIY Picnic Table that you can build in a day!

Building a Picnic Table in One Day

Looking to add some seating to your next barbecue? Ash shares how he built this homemade picnic table in just one day! Not only does he provide step-by-step details but a few money-saving tips.
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How to Build a Wooden Walkway for the Backyard

Thinking about tackling a wooden pathway project? It’s easier than you think. With just a few hours of work, Ash created a perfect path from his patio into the backyard. Not only was it a quick fix, but it’s one of our most functional.
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How to DIY a Stone Walkway for the Backyard

How to Easily Make a Beautiful Stone Walkway

Looking to install a pathway? Ash shares how they connected their patio to their detached deck. After a lot of digging and carrying bags of stones, they have a beautiful, functional pathway that spruced up their backyard.
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