How to Make a Giant Jigsaw Puzzle - Perfect Yard Game

How to Make an Oversized Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Looking for a fun DIY project to work on? If you have some wooden boards lying around and a saw, here’s a one hour project that’s sure to be a puzzling hit with the kids.   For our little one’s recent birthday, Eileen and I decided to throw a puzzle theme party.  We had the…
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Throwing an Amazing Puzzle Theme Party

When deciding what kind of birthday party to have for our toddler, I was stumped. He wasn’t really into too many cartoon characters. He did enjoy tools, dinosaurs, and building – but none were a huge interest right now. I started to think about how he spent most of his playtime and realized how often…
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How to Throw a DIY Party (Without Going Crazy)

Does just thinking about party planning stress you out? We’ve all been there! Follow these five tried and true tips to throwing an awesome DIY party without going crazy. Your guests will be impressed and you’ll be stress-free.
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3 Awesome DIYs for Truck Birthday Parties

Honk, honk. Beep, beep. Wondering what kind of party to throw your little guy? Plan a truck party! There are so many simple ideas that cost little to make – and turn out awesome! You’ll have one happy birthday boy!
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How to Make a Homemade Hopscotch Mat

How to Make a DIY Hopscotch Mat

Eileen explains how she made a child’s hopscotch mat entirely from felt. She includes free number templates as well as other tips to replicate this DIY mat, which is perfect for a game or a reading carpet.
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Make a DIY Photo Booth with Four Things

Ash explains how to create a do-it-yourself photo booth for any party or event with only three simple things. He includes a free download his custom-made DIY photo booth app as well as other DIY photobooth tips.
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How to Easily Make a Wedding Wine Basket

Looking for the perfect engagement or bridal shower gift? Eileen shares how she put together a creative, personalized wedding wine gift basket using first-year marriage milestones. You don’t want to miss this one!
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