Using a knob to make DIY storage drawers for more home organization
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Turn Cardboard Boxes into Storage Bins with this Genius Trick

Getting organized can be expensive. 

At first, storage bins seem cheap because some only cost a few bucks.

But, multiply that by the number that you need – and you’ll find that getting organized is super pricey.

It’s easy to use old Amazon boxes or cereal boxes for organization, but then the bins don’t look as nice.

And, I love when things match and look pretty – like the expensive ones in the store. 

If you’re like me, I have a super simple solution for you.

It will help you save money by creating your own storage boxes but the solution will keep you from having to look at Tony the Tiger while putting your things away.

Upcycling old cardboard boxes into storage boxes with gray and white contact paper

DIY Storage Bins with Three Materials

You can easily reuse old cardboard boxes and cover them in contact paper. Add a knob and you’ll have yourself a little storage bin that can be easily pulled out. 

For full instructions, hop on over to my post how to make storage bins from cardboard boxes.

I have these homemade storage bins all over my house, in various sizes and colors, and they are easy, thrifty, and they keep your house looking nice. 

Upcycling a diaper box into DIY storage with various rolls of contact paper

DIY Storage in the Nursery

I made the first set of DIY storage bins when I was pregnant with my son, and I couldn’t find changing table bins that were the right size for his discounted changing table. So, I put these together and absolutely LOVED them. They used the changing table space perfectly, provided plenty of storage, and were really durable. 

I lined the insides with contact paper too – for easing cleanup.

Turquoise and gray DIY storage bins made from cardboard boxes for nursery changing table

The thing that makes these storage bins so perfect is the knobs. They’ve held up for so many years – even after the constant pulling when grabbing diapers. Check out the how-to post to for easy instructions on this. 

Using a knob to make DIY storage drawers for more home organization

DIY Storage in Closets

Since the DIY storage bins turned out so nice, I started organizing everything in my home using random boxes and contact paper. 

One of my favorite places I used these cardboard box storage bins was in my hall coat closets.

Using boxes keeps everything so organized. Everyone in my family has their own boxes for gloves, hats, etc. The knob makes the storage drawer easy to pull too.

Upcycled cardboard box into DIY storage cube for home organization

I love how it maximizes the space too. Every bit of space is used – from the shelf to the ceiling.

We actually have double shelves in here – so I can fit 8 of these storage boxes in the closet!

Gray and white chevron DIY storage cubes made from cardboard boxes on the top shelf of a coat closet

DIY Storage in the Pantry

In the pantry, I also have these bins. I don’t like resting food and drinks directly on the floor, so I originally used baby wipe boxes. 

I had some leftover contact paper from the closet project, so I whipped these together. How much better does this look?!DIY upcycled storage bins used in the pantry for home organization    

DIY Storage for the Office

The last thing that needed major organizing was my hubby’s office, which is filled with every computer part there is. (And after watching Marie Kondo, it definitely needs to be revisited…)

I saved up all the diaper boxes for months and covered them in black contact paper.

One type of contact paper had a leathery look, which was cool, and the other was chalkboard contact paper.

This made it fun and easy to label 🙂 

I loved how different and modern the chalkboard storage boxes looked. It shows how you can achieve any kind of look you want depending on the contact paper. 

Other Places for DIY Storage

You can use these DIY storage bins anywhere that you need smaller compartments to organize things.

They are great for toy storage because the boxes are sturdy but light – and the knob makes it easy for kids to pull. You can make these storage bins fit into cubby shelves too.

The DIY storage bins could be used as a filing system for papers or mail. 

You can use the storage bins on any kind of shelf. For example, if you have a bookshelf, but toys line the bottom – this is a perfect way to hide those toys in a stylish way. 

To-Do 🙂

Basically, save all of your old boxes, pick up some contact paper at the dollar store and start getting organized!

Here’s one more look at our changing table – the original inspiration for the cardboard storage boxes. 

Happy organizing!

DIY storage bins on changing table for thrifty nursery ideas


  1. Eileen I love practical solutions like this. Frugal and pretty too!

  2. This is a great idea! You’re right – storage containers can really add up if you are trying to organize an entire closet or such. I always have boxes in my recycle bin, but now I’m thinking maybe I should start finding a better use for them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha yes you could organize so much with them:)

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